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    Highend HOF/Superstar/RC Auto/Patches FT/FS

    Will entertain the idea of selling a few, the ones marked incoming I don't think I'll be getting, got screwed over on them. Looking mainly for my wants but will trade for things that catch my eye.

    Baseball Wants: Pujols Autos/Patches, Ichiro Autos/Patches, Jeter Autos, Puckett Autos, Koufax Autos, Ted Williams Autos, Mariano Rivera Autos, Dimaggio Cut Autos, Mantle Autos, Ruth Jersey (Pinstripe), Gehrig Jersey (Pinstripe), Christy Mathewson GU, Hank Aaron Autos/Patches, Willie Mays Auto/Patches, Stan Musial Autos/Patches, some Joe Mauer Autos, Pre 70's Era Patches

    Football Wants: Unitas Autos, Payton Autos, Aaron Rodgers Autos, Vince Lombardi Autos, Tom Landry Autos, Grange Autos/GU, Thorpe Autos/GU, Bart Starr Autos/Patches, pre70's era patches.

    2001 Contenders Autograph SP Reggie Wayne RC $150

    2004 Leaf Certified Mirror Gold Autograph /20#d Brett Favre $250

    2004 Sp Authentic GOLD Patch (3+ Color) Autograph /25#d Steven Jackson RC (Edge Issue) $300

    2005 Absolute Marks of Fame Jersey Autograph /150#d Joe Namath $100

    2005 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Autograph /15#d Thurman Thomas NBV

    2005 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Jersey Autograph /56#d Lawrence Taylor $100

    2005 Leaf Limited Cuts Patch Autograph /25#d Brett Favre (Incoming)$250

    2005 SP Authentic Patch (3 Color) Autograph /299#d Ronnie Brown RC $125

    2005 Topps Chrome Xfractor Autograph Aaron Rodgers RC (Wont have until end of April, :(......) $400

    2006 Exquisite Patch (3 Color) Autograph /225#d Brandon Marshall RC $125

    2006 Exquisite Patch (4+ Color) Autograph /225#d Maurice Jones Drew RC $250

    2007 National Treasures Patch (3 Color) Autograph /99#d Sidney Rice RC $120

    2007 SP Authentic By the Letter Patch (A) Autograph /15#d Barry Sanders $200

    2007 Sweet Spot Signatures Helmet Autograph /15#d Adrian Peterson RC $350

    2008 Leaf Certified Souvenirs Stamps BLACK Prime Patch Autograph 1/1#d Jamaal Charles RC

    2009 Donruss Threads Letter Patch (N) Autograph Mark Sanchez RC $125

    2009 Exquisite Patch (3 Color) Autograph /225#d Jeremy Maclin RC $100

    2009 Exquisite Patch (2 Color) Autograph /225#d Mike Wallace RC $100

    2010 Bowman Sterling Refractor Patch (3+ Color) Autograph /25#d Drew Brees $150

    2010 Certified Mirror Black Game Worn NFL Shield Logo Patch 1/1#d Darren McFadden NBV

    2010 Certified Mirror Gold Autograph /18#d Peyton Manning $125

    2010 Epix Letter Patch (A) Autograph /50#d Joe Namath $120

    2010 Gridiron Gear Freshman Orientation Jersey Autograph /50#d Sam Bradford RC $150

    2010 Plates & Patches Cuts Cut Autograph /9#d Dutch Clark NBV

    2010 Topps Unique Record Breakers Signatures Autograph Brett Favre $300
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    Like the Favers and Peterson SS
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    Quote Originally Posted by RI_PatsFan View Post
    cmb for bradord thnx
    Dont see anything I am looking for on the BRadford, sorry.

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    cmb please, interested in 1/1 Mike Williams logo ?

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    I am checking your bucket for your own Mike Williams 1/1 Logo??? A little confused there.

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    cmb, I like a lot of the ones you have listed above. Would you be interested in this

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