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Thread: SLNbaseball success thread

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    SLNbaseball success thread

    Went to opening weekend for the Durham Bulls tonight. Met another trader there and he gave me a lot of 89 Topps:

    Here they are:

    Gary Gaetti
    Bruce Sutter
    Bob Brenly
    Len Dykstra
    Rob Deer
    Andres Galarraga
    Dave Magadan
    Gary Carter
    Glenn Davis

    Picked up these from the post game team autograph session

    88 Topps/89 Fleer - Neil Allen (In Yankees uniform) 1 for trade
    08 UD Piece of History - Justin Ruggiano (would only sign 1)
    08 Bowman Chrome - Chris Carter (would only sign 1)
    06 Topps - JJ Furmaniak - signed 2, will trade 1
    07 Topps - Edgar Gonzalez
    07 Topps UH - Edgar Gonzalez

    A very nice evening for a game and some autographs!
    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    Recieved these on 4/19/2011. Was out of town and couldn't post it.

    Richard Anderson - The 6 Million Dollar Man - sent a Donruss Americana card to him on 3/19/2011 and received it signed along with an index card he included.

    Jay Leno - sent an NWA wrestling card to his studios and received it back signed and personalized. He signed the index card as well that I included. Sent on 3/2/2011

    Tony Dungy - sent a 90 Super Bowl Facts card on 4/12/2011 from the Super Bowl he was in. Personalized the card

    A Duke basketball hit - Greg Koubek - sent 2 4x6 photos to his work after receiving permission from him on 4/12/2011 and received both signed. He is the only player in history to play in 4 consectutive Final Fours.

    Received a Spud Webb in a trade on another site.

    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    Received these while I was out of town for a funeral of a family member:


    Vinny Testaverde - Sent to 17122 Gum Hwy, Odessa, FL 33556 the latter part of March and received it back today refused.

    Jeryl Prescott - actress on The Walking Dead series. Sent to what I thought was her home address in Winston Salem, NC and received it back today unable to forward.

    2 successes:

    Darren Daulton - Sent 2 cards, 89 Topps and 90 Fleer to his home address form the database and received onlt the 90 Fleer back signed, he must have kept my 89 Topps.

    Doyle Brunson - sent his winning No Limit WSOP 1977 winning hand to his home address on 4/12/2011 and received them both signed.

    Also picked up an EBAY player hit: Jay Williams auto.

    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    Recieved these today:

    Received these from a trade with staduimjunkie from The Bench
    89 Topps autos:
    132 Curt Ford
    202 Brad Moore
    253 Jose Alvarez
    556 Bruce Fields
    596 Kurt Stillwell
    RTS - Dana Wynter - Used this address for this classic actress C/O Cass Levy Talent Agency, 843 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles CA 90038

    Anderson Varejao - Sent a basketball card c/o the Cavs on 2/8/2011 and received a signed, personalized 8x10 photo of him today. He didn't return my card but I am not complaining!

    Ray Lankford - sent 2 Topps cards to 1520 Lake Whitney Drive, Windermere, FL 34786 on 3/29/2011. Received them both signed today.
    Chris The Crippler Leben - Tried him months ago and got a RTS. Used this new address C/O Ultimate Fight School, 1035 University Ave, Honolulu, HI 96826 and got a rather quick success and a letter from him. Signed a Topps UFC card signed.

    Very nice day!
    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    Received these today and updated the TTM database

    Wonder Woman Lynda Carter - Sent a 4x6 photo of her as woman woman on 3/30/2010 and received it back today signed and personalized. Awesome success!

    Blaine Beatty - sent a 90 Upper Deck and 90 Fleer to this retired Mets player. Sent on 4/25/2011 c/o the Frederick Keys. He signed both of them. 90 Fleer is for trade.

    Duke basketball hit - Nolan Smith - thought these were long gone. Sent on 1/15/2011 and received 2 signed index cards and a signed game ticket back form this All American.

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    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    All from 5/8/2011
    EBAY player hit - 2009-10 Topps Gold JJ Redick.

    Jeffrey Demunn - You may remember him from The Green Mile and The Mist. He is also starring in The Walking Dead tv series. Sent 2 photos and received them both signed, one personalized.

    Herb Adderley - Sent a 90 Pro Set Super Bowl Supermen card ot him on 9/12/2010 and received it back signed and incribed with HoF 80 on it. Was shocked to get this one back b/c I saw he has began charging.

    Donyell Marshall - Sent 2 cards one of which from his college days. Received them both signed. The non-college card is for trade

    Felton Spencer - Sent a 90-91 UD to his home address and received it back signed for a set hit.

    Nice day and brings my total # of autographs to 900 so I hit a milestone today now on to 1000

    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    Greg "Fossilman" Raymer - Sent 2 playing cards of his winning hand from Texas Hold'em No Limit from his year he won. He signed the 8 of Diamonds only and personalized it. Sent them on 4/5/2011. This is my 2nd WSOP winners and hoping to get a few more.

    Derrick Phelps - Sent a 94 classic card to him c/o Fordham Basketball Team on 5/2/11 and received it signed. Didn't sign the index card.

    Kei Igawa - Sent an 07 A&G c/o Trenton Thunder on 4/25/2011 and received it signed back today.

    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    Ryan Kelly - Sent on 5/11/2011. Plays on the Duke basketball team. Played at a nearby high school, about 3 miles from my house. Sent 2 4x6 photos and an 8x10. He signed them both and personalized the 8x10!! Another Duke player down!

    Neil Brown Jr - Actor from The Walking Dead. He led the Latino group. Sent on 4/16/2011 a 4x6 photo of the showdown between and his gang against the survivors. He signed the front and on the back of the picture Thanks me for writing and that it was an honor to be part of my collection. He signed the back too!

    Hopefully a few others from The Walking Dead will come back!
    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    Awesome stuff...would you mind sharing the address for Greg Raymer? Would love to have him in my collection...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
    Awesome stuff...would you mind sharing the address for Greg Raymer? Would love to have him in my collection...

    Don't mind at all. Here it is:

    2622 Village Manor Way, Raleigh, NC 27614

    I live in Raleigh so it is easy for me to get addresses of the Canes/etc since all of our tax records are published. Good for correct addresses!

    Good luck

    Oh and he will only sign 1 item.

    Just out of curiousness, let me know if you are interested in any TTM trades. I am also looking to add to my collection. Some of the sets I collect are the 89 Topps baseball, 90 Upper Deck baseball, 90 Pro Set football and any TTM A&G cards signed. I like rather odd stuff too.


    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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