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Thread: SLNbaseball success thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLNoble13 View Post
    Hal Brown - sent 1 card to his home address on 12/20/2012 for my all time Red Sox collection. Received a 55 Topps signed and he included one of his own

    Louis Lipps - Former Steeler, sent 2 Pro Set cards to him and he returned them signed and is askig for $5 per now. Took 35 days.

    Jessica Parratto - signed 1 12' Topps Olympic card c/o her home in almost 2 months.

    Nice stuff, did you send the Parratto via the address in the database?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLNoble13 View Post
    Picked up the second signature on an 79 Topps from Juan Berenguer. Now, do I send it to Dwight Bernard or not?
    Shoot him a index card asking for permission and asking if he wants a cash? He will likely send you a response and then you know for sure without risking the card.

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    Received Bobby Bolin today. Sent on 1/11/2013. Wrote a nice note about one of his memories from his playing days as well.

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    Received my 2009 Topps (set hit) Juan Pierre. Had given up on this one as I sent it towards the latter part of last season. Took a little over 4 months to get back to me. Pierre took his time signing this one. The best one I have in my collection fro him.

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    Yesterday, DMBfan and I went to the UNC baseball dinner and event. Tim picked up a ticket for me a few months ago and it was well worth going, even if I am a rival fan. But I will show a lot of respect to UNC, especially to the baseball team after last night.

    During the pre-dinner event, it was a relaxed enviornment and there were several previous plaers from UNC there who are or have played in the minors or majors. Some of those include: Matt Harvey, Alex White, Adam Greenberg and Luke Putokenen to name a few. So Tim and I walked around and the UNC players were very accomadating and very fan friendly ad nice. During this time I got Matt Harvey, Tim Fedorowisz, Adam Greenberg and a few others. I also picked up a few event posters which we got signed.

    Once the pre-dinner event was over we headed downstairs to where the 2013 UNC baseball team was signing autographs and also to view the silent auction items. Dinner was also served and I noticed someone who looked very familiar sitting behind our table and it was Roy Williams, the UNC basketball coach. Tim had brought a couple of photos of him and I laughed at him bringing those photos but Tim got the last laugh as he got both photos done.

    After dinner, I got a small bat signed by Roy Williams (I wasn't prepared like Tim was) and I tried to track down 1 or 2 more players I needed for the night. All in all, once the night was over, I ended up with a total of and my new record in 1 day: 86 autographs

    2013 Team (whole team signed photo)

    Adam Greenberg Second 1st MLB bat

    Event poster

    UNC cards (White)

    UNC cards (Greenberg, Putkonen, Federowicz, Bates)

    Matt Harvey

    Roy Williams signed bat

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    That event looks incredible! Any interest in trading/selling one of the posters?
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    I collect Packers, Buckeyes, Indians, Blue Jackets, Anthony Schlegel, and Nikita Nikitin
    R.I.P Stefanie Spielman, Dante Lavelli, Bob Feller, Jack Tatum

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    this event I went too was really expensive so I would like to recoup some of the money I spent to go. I would be asking $30 for the poster. I am selling the Matt Harvey cards at $20 per b/c he is really tough to get in person.



    Quote Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
    That event looks incredible! Any interest in trading/selling one of the posters?

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    Received Sarah Groff for my 12' Topps Olympic set and Aaron Laffey. Going for the dual on the Laffey card from the 2009 Topps set

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    Would you be willing to trade one of each of the Bowman cards for my set? Thanks

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