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    Exclamation Sony Playstation Network Hacked Badly!

    I have been wondering what is wrong with Sony PS3 online..? Anyway i guess they have been hacked really hard this time and by a very smart hacker. lol. Hopefully they get it back running soon and the hacker didn't get any info from me.

    Full Artical below

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    Actually Sony bent this guy over for reverse engineering

    Then these guys got ™™™™™™ and decided to do something about it

    Then Sony tried to hide what happened so the above group did it again and said it would happen a 3rd time and the 3rd time,all data gathered would be posted publicly.

    At least they are giving Sony a chance to clear the client info on the servers or find better security.

    The group says they are already present in several Sony servers, jsut waiting to do it again
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