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Thread: Osama bin laden dead

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    Osama bin laden dead

    Fox News and CNN confirming. Check 'em.

    Waiting for Donald Trump to demand Obama produce a long form death certificate for bin Laden...

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    I have no idea what to think, on one hand Im glad we got him, but what if this makes al-Qaeda mad and they go for an even worse attack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTIMADATOR2007 View Post
    Bring the Troops home in the Morning !
    Bin Laden is hardly the only reason they were over there.

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    Great news and unfortunately it won't mean any of us are coming home. However this is a significant moral victory for our military and nation, finally someone of great significance has paid for their role in 9/11

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    And there's a thousand more warmongers like him just waiting for their chance to take his spot. Has anything truly been accomplished? I don't mean this as a slight in any way but in the long term nothing has nor will change.

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    Oh and shout out to the US Special forces believe me guys they do more than is allowed to be reported and I'm sure they had a hand in this, especially if we have his body

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