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Thread: 2002 - 03 Topps Chrome Set

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    2002 - 03 Topps Chrome Set

    The 2002 - 03 Topps Chrome RC set is back up for trade, only this time I'm including the base set as well. As with the last time I put the RC set up for trade, the Ming, Welsch, Giricek, and Rakocevic RCs will be the foreign language version. The entire set books for $180, which is what I'll be asking for in terms of trade value, although I may consider taking less depending on the cards offered.

    I also put together some other RC sets, if anyone's interested. They are:

    The 2002 - 03 Topps RC set, asking for about $50 worth of cards in trade.

    The 2002 - 03 Upper Deck MVP RC set, asking for about $30 in cards.

    The 2002 - 03 Fleer Tradition RC set, asking for $50 in cards.

    2 almost complete sets of the 2001 - 02 Upper Deck Series 2 RCs. I missing Tierre Brown and Chris Anderson in the first set and Tierre Brown, Chris Anderson, Antonis Fotsis, and Ratko Varda in the second set. I'd trade the first set for $40 in cards and would trade both sets for $60 worth of cards.

    Finally, the 1998 - 99 Topps RC set, which I would trade for a decent $12 - $15 GU card.

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    did u give ur bro my last message let me know
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