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Thread: Looking for some Cubs cards.

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    Looking for some Cubs cards.

    I am looking to get some more Cubs Refractors/Numbered/Inserts etc

    Want: All 2011 Topps Chrome Cubs Base and all color Refractors. As well as all Cognac and Diamond parallels.

    And any Cubs mini cards.

    Will do large base trades or I can sell off my base/inserts. Wanting to get rid of everything non Cubs

    Here is a 2012 wantlist:

    These players mostly:
    Aramis Ramirez (even Pirates/Brewers) Need a 97 Bowman Chrome
    Starlin Castro (need an 09 Bowman Chrome)
    Alfonso Soriano
    Darwin Barney
    Reed Johnson (other teams too)
    Marlon Byrd
    Geo Soto
    Carlos Pena
    Matt Garza
    K. Wood (Also need a 97 Bowman Chrome)
    B. Jackson
    Most anyone current and some past players like Sosa, Lee, Prior, Alou, Theriot, Dawson, Grace, Sandberg

    Any HOF and players from legends, greats sets like Banks, Williams, Hack Wilson, Santo, Hartnett, Jenkins, Brock, Brown, Hornsby, Tinker, Chance, Evers etc.

    And two non Cubs.... Brian Wilson, Giancarlo Stanton.
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    Have anything from my sig. Im sure I can come up with some Cubbies

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    Nothing special. Base and inserts of wright and reyes. lmk What cubs stuff you have.
    I may have some knicks too.

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    What do you have of them. Only looking for cards I need. For Knicks only looking for current players in Knick uniform

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    Check out my Bucket for some cubs. I also have 2 Topps Chrome Castro Rookies as well which aren't in the Bucket. Please let me know if your interested.

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    Metsfan- I dont have list made of my cards

    jywilli69- I only seen a Byrd diamond and Fukodome card in you bucket. I also have both of those kobes.

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    Hey PM if you would like some older sosa. Thanks Bryce

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    Hey i have a 1955 Ernie Banks and a Triple Threads Rich Hill auto. Message me if interested.

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