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Thread: Show Us Your Best 10 PC Cards

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    Show Us Your Best 10 PC Cards

    stole an idea from the basketball S & T forum-we need some more posts and showoffs up in here! Hope everyone participates-if this threads goes well we can maybe get it stickied as a permanent showoff thread and you guys can update your "best 10" if and when they change. By best 10 that means however you interpret best-as in favorite, most valuable, w/e. Ill start-to me these are the "best 10" in my PC (and they arent all Carls!)

    10 (Tie) 2009 Legends Autographs Ashley Force and Richard Petty. These are on my top 10 for a few reasons-I always wanted an auto of both-and the Petty I pulled myself which was a great thrill-plus the design from this year's Legends autos were my favorite.

    9. 2009 Element Green White Checkered 15/25. Not the most valuable card in the PC-but probably the nicest designed card in my whole collection. The colors work perfectly with the picture-everytime that one card jumps at me more than most.

    8. 2009 Four Wide Signature Series 4/5. Definitely one of the more valuable cards in the PC, I do treasure it-even though it is not necessarily my favorite design.

    7. 2008 Speedway Corporate Cuts Patches 11/13. One of the coolest patches I have in the PC, and I remember being so excited to own this one!

    6. 2007 Legends Signature Series 14/25, one of the cleanest cards-it just works really well and I love the different color swatches.

    5. 2009 Press Pass Showcase Prized Pieces Ink Firesuit 2/5. This card took over 2 years to get back from Press Pass (Carl lost the first batch LOL) but definitely worth it

    4. 2010 Press Pass Showcase 5th Gear 1/1. The most recent add of these, I got this card in a great deal. I love it because it is the only true 1/1 card (ie not preview or press plate) that I have.

    3. 2010 Five Star Classic Compilations Firesuit Auto 08/15. My best add from Five Star-its super pretty and I love the firesuit colors.

    2. 2010 Showcase Prized Pieces Firesuit 19/25. The patch speaks for itself-and it is the card I spent the most on (half a fortune LOL)

    1. 2009 Legends Autographs NGU Inscription 39/50. Why is this #1 for me? It never was released-these were given out as temporary holdovers for those showcase redemptions carl lost LOL, but the card design, the autograph on it (notice how the tailoff goes perfectly through the gap down below), and the inscription is all perfect. If I had to keep just one card from my pc, this one would be it.

    okay guys those are mine, lets see your best stuff!!!

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    A lot that make my list aren't higher end cards....most are on here because they have special meaning to my collection, one way or the other.

    10. The first RU I ever got of Jimmie....out of 2002 Stealth.

    9. This one makes the list because (I believe) it's the only RU socks (gross lol) card to have ever been made thus far.

    8. This also makes the list for the same reason as the previous....because (I believe) it's the only RU window card to have ever been made thus far.

    7. This one makes the list because I saw JJ win the Fall '10 Dover race in person, and this is the first RU that has been made of Jimmie that's specifically attached to a race I saw him win in person. (Also saw him win fall '07 Martinsville, but there wasn't a BR made of that race)

    6. My favorite four-wide, given all the color breaks in all the pieces.

    5. This one because it was JJ's first certified autograph, and was also the first JJ autograph I picked up for my PC.

    4. The first JJ Sig Series I ever, I was always a fan of the RU pitboards.

    3. My favorite firesuit piece....big colorful swatch of the Lowe's logo.

    2. I absolutely LOVE lugnut cards. Wish they'd bring them favorite RU pieces.

    1. Probably my nicest Sig Series....and it's a very sweet design.

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    the Thunderbolts is my favorite-wish they made one for Carl-definitely right that they need to bring them back-sweet collection

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    Howdy, these are a few of my favs.

    This 1 has no rating, its the only whole R/U i own from '98 P.P., Rusty Wallace R/U shoe, not a card but from a pack of racing..



    #8 not big on graded cards but this was a steal & only 33 originally made

    #7 gotta love the snakeskins..

    #6 which i pulled

    #5 is the JG/DJr Teammates auto /25 that will be mine soon


    #3 the 24/24 glove i should have by the 19th this month, my 1st 24/ ANYTHING not Football..

    #2 my 1st sig ser R/U

    #1 & a 1/1 til i see another '00 Maxx Racers Ink
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    Howdy, I mainly coll. Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr, Danica & Walter Payton, Peace from Jupiter !!

    If you're going to bring up ebay, dont bother responding

    I collect cards with a US flag on them or US flag themed, Santa cards, cards in my PC of drivers & players that I don't collect will have a flag somewhere on it

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    6. may not be a card but this is cool + i was @ that race

    here u can see a good pic of where it came from, look @ where it says coors pole u can see the big green area just like on the sheetmetal peice.


    4/25 bought for less than $13 on ebay


    Biggest steal 4 me. #10/20 bought for $13.50 dlvd on the bay

    need i say more
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    Here are my favs:

    # 10 Jason Keller 2000 SOTT Gold 23/25

    # 9 2000 Jeff Burton Pit Stoppers

    # 8 2009 Jeff Burton Prominent Pieces

    # 7 2007 Regan Smith Rookie Thunder Inscription

    # 6 2009 Regan Smith Hat Dance 4/10

    # 5 2008 Trackside Treasury Regan Smith Plate

    # 4 1997 Hi-Tech John Force auto

    # 3 2000 Upper Deck Jeff Burton Winning Materials

    # 2 2003 Tony Stewart Blue Hawaii

    # 1 1997 Hi-Tech Tony Stewart XRC

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    sigh....the only 1997 Hi Tech autograph I need LOL.....Nice cards everyone

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    Wish I had an extra Carl. I`m down to just the Ron Capps auto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripken8fan55 View Post
    Wish I had an extra Carl. I`m down to just the Ron Capps auto.
    Funny thing is, the Capps was the 1st autograph I ever got from that set lol

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