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Thread: 2010 Allen & Ginter (WANTED)

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    2010 Allen & Ginter (WANTED)

    This is what I need for the original base set:

    307, 308, 311, 315, 339, 341, 348


    Lords of Olympus

    L02, L04, L06, L07, L08, L11

    Dupes: L21, L21, L22

    World's Wordsmiths


    Sailors of the Seven Seas

    SSS2, SSS4, SSS7, SSS9

    Dupes: SSS3, SSS3

    Monsters of the Mozaic

    MM1, MM3, MM4, MM6, MM9, MM10, MM15, MM19, MM20, MM21, MM25

    Dupes: MM11

    National Animals:

    NA1, NA3, NA4, NA7, NA11, NA12, NA16, NA17, NA19, NA20, NA21, NA22, NA24, NA27, NA28, NA29, NA30, NA31, NA32, NA34, NA37, NA39, NA40, NA41, NA42, NA44, NA46, NA47, NA48, NA50

    Dupes: NA6, NA9, NA18, NA23, NA43
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    I have 311. Do you have a list of your cards for trade?

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    I can get a list tomorrow. Do you need a card from the same set? I don't collect much baseball. The majority of cards I have are from '10 A&G, '07 BDPP, and '10 BC.

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    alrighty, i thought id be home yesterday or tonight, but i cant til friday, so ill let you know if i have any of those.

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    I have mini card # 307, NA13, NA37, NA17, LO11 and SSS7. Let me know if your interested ,thanks

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    are you only interested in trading or would you be willing to buy?

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