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Thread: 3 new cards

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    3 new cards

    i just pulled these inserts

    2002 topps New Wave Mike Miller bv 3
    2002 Topps New Wave Jamaal Tinsley bv 3
    2002 Topps Hoop Stars aleen iver son bv 1.50

    looking for a 7 or 8 dollar RC maybe??LMK

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    i have a topps xpectations tyson chandler bv 5.00
    topps xpectations kedrick brown bv 2.00

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    kinda intersted in candler..what else u got,,any mavericks..if u got anything else..JLMK

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    I need the Tinsley, but not sure on the set name and everything, I don't see a Topps "New Wave" set in the beckett. Could you shed some light on this? I'd be interested in it only if its not the 2002-03 UD New Wave insert, because I already have that card. I believe I have a Finley UD Game night insert. LMK thanks

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