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Thread: Overrated or underrated

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    Overrated or underrated

    Pretty simple game. Person names something, next reply tells whether it's overrated or underrated and why, then names something for the next person to judge. And it keeps on going.

    Starting with...

    Elm trees.

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    They look cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by cool-vintage View Post

    They look cool


    Who plays that?? =)

    Wood Floors

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    Overrated. Nothing beats the feel of good carpet under bare feet.

    Shingles. As in the roof topper, not the illness.

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    Overrated. Leaves and hay work fine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewhoya View Post
    Overrated. Leaves and hay work fine!

    over rated

    I refuse to pay more for uncooked food


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    Not sure how she could be underrated at all, because just about everyone seems to talk about her!

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    Overrated - tastes the same straight from the tap!!!

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    under rated
    everybode want to see that ((Well i wont stare but will look))

    hail stroms
    Thanks Bart ((Remember to thank a soldier))

    ((Can't sleep clowns will eat me)

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