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Thread: Texas Ranger Auto Bat

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    Texas Ranger Auto Bat

    Hank Blaylock, Mark Texiera, Gabe Kapler, Craig Monroe, Todd Van Poppel, & Jeff Zimmerman

    Rawlings Big Stick 33in

    For Sale

    all autos were obtained at the Rangers Winter Carnival last year

    not sure what it would go for but taking offers


    serious offers only please

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I was there too.
    At least a couple of them weren't.

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    i beg to differ - all of these players were there last year

    you must have went to THIS years carnival - i did not attend that one.

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    You gotta tell Molina about this he's a big Rangers fan.

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    If only I had money.:(
    You probably don't want to trade it for cards do you?
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