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Thread: SCF: Busted - June Edition

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    SCF: Busted - June Edition

    Did you open a box and find something awesome? Want to show the world AND get credit for the pull? Now you can.

    Here's what you do!

    1. Post your break on SCF in our Pack/Box break forum
    2. Include a photo or scan of your card.
    3. Nominate yourself her OR if you see a monster pull in the forum, nominate them in this thread!
    4. At the end of each month SCF users will vote on the best pull.
    5. Win 150 CC if you're the top vote getter. (Ties split the CC)
    6. All awesome pulls will be featured in an SCF Article. You can resubmit a photo or even write something to go along with your card.

    The contest begins every month and voting goes for 1 week.

    Let's show just how lucky SCF can be. Not only is it the best trading site on the web, but it gives you luck in your breaks too!
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    June 3rd - matchstick_fan
    10-11 SP game used break

    I'm just new to the site and the forums and I look forward to meeting people and helping people with their collections and their hobbies of cards.

    So I was in my LCS recently and I decided to buy a box of 2010-11 sp game used. I've never been a big game used guy before but I've been seeing some of the letter marks and other really cool cards and thought I'd try my luck.

    I proceeded to open the box in the store and got some awesome Ovechkin hits....

    June 5th - Samuwry7

    I set my alarm on a Saturday to procure this, folks. Wasn't sure my local show was going to have this, but my ITG pleas have not fallen on deaf ears, apparently. $85! Can't beat it, great break for the money.

    June 6th - MikeFitzpatrick

    I busted 3 packs over the weekend very pleased with the result.

    Thank you Dr. Price you are the man . What an amazing idea cannot believe the other companies have not copied you on this.

    June 10th - maddmaxx17

    I was pleased with my first couple of boxes, but these boxes, especially the last one, blew those two away

    June 15th - 933homeplate

    If I didn`t open this pack with 2 board members standing beside me I would not have believed it myself. One UD rookie printing plate and one Victory rookie printing plate behind each other in the same pack,

    June 18th - zPens87z

    A box of 2010/2011 Heroes and Prospects from my relatives as my gift for my 19th birthday.

    5 total hits in this box. I was very pleased...enough talking. Onto the scans.

    June 18th - JoelCarry

    #1 well what can i say

    This card is better then the shields i have pulled so far

    Right up there with the Tiger woods tribute i think

    One of the best base cards you will ever see

    Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls

    I present to you SID!!!!!
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    that sid is sick, but 2 plates in 1 pack... i cant even pull a 1/1...

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