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    I'm new to the hobby, and have few home addresses. I guess I can begin with sending c/o the players respective teams, but do you guys know where I can get addresses without a fee ?

    I'm looking to become a regualr member here, looks like good people, good topics.

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    I forgot to post this on Fanhome for you but here's a good place to get some addy's.

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    Thanks, but is there a way to view a list of hockey players on Star Archive ? or do you have to search one at a time, via the searchbox ?

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    You've got to search one at a time. At least, I haven't found a different way.

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    Yeah 1 at a time. Its not the greatest site but I've had a couple successes through it. You gotta make sure you always check the last date it was tried. Like me I try not to send anything that hasn't been tested in over 6 months.Most players just have there rink addy's on there but there's around 500 home addy's too.

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    Isn't stararchive a couple of years old?
    I tried to find Kevin Mench on there a while back and he wasn't there.
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    Its updated every time somebody reports a success with a certain player. Usually about 250 updates everyday. Just click on whats new and it will show all the latest successes. Like I said though its not the best but hey its free.

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    I find it a waste of time, it took 3 days to get 20 addy's, and 18 were former players.

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    LOL What did you do go through every single name? You can just type in a players name and do a search.

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