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    Thumbs down NEED MONEY!

    Ok folks, I am putting a hold on any trading for right now because I need some $$$ quick! My website is in my profile. Please e-mail me if you have an interested in any of the trade items I have.

    My website:

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    Tai Streets 1999 Playoff Contenders RC Auto #180- how much for this?

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    im interested in these two:
    Brandon Lloyd 2003 Press Pass Power Picks Autograph 50/250 #7
    Tai Streets 99 playoff contenders rc auto #180


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    I am interested in this one:

    Michael Vick 2001 Fleer Glossy RC 1508/2001 #401

    What is the condition of the card? And what's your best selling price?

    Send me a PM


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    Streets BV $40. Make a reasonable offer because it is tough for me to let these go.


    Again, Streets BV $40 and Lloyd BV $15. I ask you to make a reasonable offer on higher end stuff. Be reasonable on anything for that matter.


    Vick is in great shape. I am asking people to make offers. Cards are only worth what people are willing to pay is why. BV $30


    Last I checked, the Maddux BV $30. It is a higher end card so it is my obligation to ask you to make an offer. As I said, it is gonna be difficault for me to let them go and card(s) are only worth what an individual is willing to pay.

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    Hi, i'm interested in the Bruce Smith 2001 Upper Deck Legends Timeless Tributes #TT-BS BV $12 and am wondering what price it is now. I can send you a money order to you if you give me your addy.

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