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Thread: After midnight thread

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    After midnight thread July 9th

    Hi all, i want to say in the past there was a after midnight thread, so just want to start one and see where it goes. if this goes pretty good and stay active will keep it going

    1. why you up this late
    2. beside being here other things you do after dark ( be nice with this one)

    Am up late all the time as my sig say the clowns will eat me, i have a sleeping problem due to disability

    On face book playing games searching for the most useless thing i can find most of the time am on here trolling
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    I stay up late as the wife works an overnight shift and this lets me spend time with her after she gets home and before bed..

    I also play my PS3 and couple games on facebook like Cityville

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    Thats sounds great spending some time with the wife, I Have the big "D" so dont have that option, but do miss it from time to time

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    I'm up late because of stress. I have difficulty sleeping but thats alright because I'm a night owl anyways. I enjoy listening to my ipod with my Bose headphones or playing MMO's online (Battlefield 2 and CS:Source). When I get bored, then I go to sleep. BTW, this isn't the right place to post this thread.

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    Ok all another night lets here what you got

    same going on cant sleep went fishing today got nothing, entered some contest on the Upperdeck FB page will see what happen on Monday when they draw

    BigBerserker where should it be posted?

    Mods if there is a better place please move Tks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluedogcards View Post
    Ok all another night lets here what you got
    BigBerserker where should it be posted?
    I think you had it posted somewhere else, like in the sale forums??? I can't remember. It's where it belongs now though (maybe its just me). Anyways, do you play any games online?

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    Been looking around and saw i put this under the trade thread sorry i thought i was in gen chat thread. i do play FB games to help pass the tim will be moving this the the other side of chat

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    I'm up late putting on my clown, I mean keeping my pregnant wife company, and trading hockey cards
    ...sorry 'bout the clown comment, couldn't help myself :-)

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