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    Looking to sell Basketball Autographs

    I'm going to be in need of some money for college for when I begin as a freshman this August, so I'm going to be making some of my IP and TTM autographs available that I have obtained over the years; otherwise, I would be keeping them and not selling them.

    Below is a link to my photobucket which shows everything I have signed IP and TTM. If you don't want to look through all of the many pages of my bucket to see what I have, you can ask me if I have a certain player/team (I both have older and newer players), I can get you a list so that it doesn't take up so much of your time.

    The forms of payment I accept are: cash, money order, and cashiers check ONLY. I do not own a Paypal account, so I cannot accept Paypal as a form of payment. Normally I will add only $1 for shipping to the total sale price. I will always ship the items in a better grade of envelope, such as a bubble mailer, plus I always will add Delivery Confirmation to each sale.

    With that being said, just lmk what you are interested in or ask any questions you may have. If purchasing anything from me and you want a COA with your item(s), I will make one for you free of charge. If you don't initially want a COA but you wind up wanting one on down the road, I will still make one for you free of charge.


    or to view all of them on 1 page, try this link:

    Thanks for looking!!
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    Try linking your photobucket again and check the link. The link you posted makes it very difficult to view your photobucket. I basically have to click "next" to view your items one by one.

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    Stretch-- try it now...I switched the view mode so that they're all shown on 1 page. I added the new link to the OP as well. LMK if you see anything of interest. Thanks!

    jsydoublez-- what do you mean? Did you see anything of interest from me? PLMK. Thanks!
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    I'm not really sure on it...I was planning on keeping it unless I got a good enough offer on it I suppose.
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    Pm me a price on the canDace Dwight howard jersey auto

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