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Thread: 2003 Pacific CFL Football

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    2003 Pacific CFL Football

    Does anyone collect this set? LMK, maybe we can trade to help each other out. I have these GU jersey cards;
    #8 Charles Roberts, WIN
    #7 Khari Jones, WIN
    #2 Edward Hervey, EDM
    LMK if anyone's interested

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    I never knew they still made CFL cards. Out of curiosity, how much do those book for?

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    I'm still looking for ANYONE who may collect these CFL cards...I now have more inserts for trade, I'm looking to make a finished set or two.

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    The GU jerseys book for $15-20, most commons $0.50-$1, red variants $0.75-$2.50, other inserts vary.

    SOMEBODY must collect these...

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    Exclamation 03 Atomic CFL cards

    Hello there, I just bought a few boxes and opened them up and looking to complete the Jersey set and Gold set...........though I might end up giving up on the gold set and just sell those singles. I also have tons of RED cards as well. PLMK if you still have any of these jersey cards left or know anybody that might be able to help me.


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