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    1991 Action Packed NFC 291-Card Collector Set

    Am unpacking boxes today and found 4 boxes of 1991 Action Packed NFL / NFC 291-Card Collector's Set cards. These are not sealed boxes in the traditional sense. The box is 15" x 13" and is covered with a cardboard sleeve. The box is black with gold lettering and has a top and bottom. Inside is a plastic divider with NFC team names in gold lettering. Inside these plastic pockets are a few of the team players. The middle card pocket has a NFC logo card, a checklist, and several braile cards.

    I haven't been able to locate a set like this in an internet search. Any idea of their value?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I saw some for ~ $25...Not sure on mint boxed set, but I'll take the scrub Falcons QB ;)
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    Thank you very much for the information!

    RE: Scrub QB, I never did like Miller, unless he was with the Bears - I'm a Packer fan. Can you imagine that they had Miller and gave up Favre? Yow!

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    GGGOOO Packers!!!!!!!! I love the packers. Rock on Cheeeeeesse head!

    JUz me, Chris lol

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