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    2003-2004 Upper Deck Top Prospects box break

    Bought a box at a card show for $60 and pulled 2 autographs of players i have never heard of and 6 lebron james cards. 3 different cards. I hope that all boxes aren't that common with the lebron cards.

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    Lebron's are that common?That's kind of weird...but dang i better get some of those anyway,lol...

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    who were the two autographs and would you want to trade them?

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    how much is UD paying lebron, you bet they are going to plaster the hobby with his cards...

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    there are four different lebrons in the base set

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    There are only 3 different ones. Card 3, 55, and 60. The autographs I got was Mario Austin and Kyle Korver. I will trade as soon as the values get released.

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    These cards are not going to be worth squat. There are a ton of Lebrons on ebay already. They picture the guys in college, high school or their countries uniforms. I believe they are not going to be considered RC's. I guess they are nice alternative then paying an arm and a leg for the high end products. Maybe you get lucky and hit a Lebron or carmelo Auto.

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    im fairly sure there are four lebrons, the guy who opened em said there are four on the checklist

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    Mario Austin played @ Miss St if I remember right and Kyle Korver played at Creighton, he was a pretty good player too, Austin is a little slow in the foot. Just thought I would give you and idea of who they were. If I were you I would keep the Korver, he's got a good chance to be a decent player. :)

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