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    Watched a James Auto get pulled

    guy busted a box at my store today, ultimate mojo
    he got a james auto, david west auto, and a james gold #ed/100

    wish it was me :)

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    what box did he bust I was thinking about getting into basketball this year for Carmello Anthony being hes a former Orangeman:D LOL

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    I know a guy who pulled 4 autos and 1 jersey out of one box. Seems that it falls into the same category as the James Gold and James auto... as a "hot box". What I mean is sometimes UD or other card companies like to make boxes that are more loaded than normal... so you'd be getting a bigger quantity of good cards than normal. Fleer's version of a hot box is usually a box that contains a gu, auto, or rc in every pack of the box. I have not come by any of these in person, but I do know that they exist but are very rare.



    Also, CONGRATS! to him :)

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    ud doesnt do that, sometimes a box will just have good stuff in it
    thats all

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    I agree...UD does not make a "hot box" by definition, it sometimes just turns out that way. Just like sometimes all you get are a pair of John Q Smith GU cards...

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    yeah, thats what I mean totally. Just because I said "hot box" doesnt mean I meant they label their good boxes as "hot boxes" like Fleer does. I mean however that Upper Deck sometimes packs alot of good cards into one box, for example a box of UD Series 2 says u get 2 gu a box but maybe someone got 5 gu. I have heard of this happening many times before.

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    Really...5 GU from one Series 2 box? Very nice...I never get more than 2, always exactly 2. But, nice to know there is hope...

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    Some guy at the card shop I bought my box pulled a lebron school colors jersey card and my firend pulled a carmello anthony auto. Then I pulled maciej lampe...LOL

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    i dont do good with packs i have to get the whole box t get it but it usally a good box

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