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Thread: Best Mascots

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    Well, since I've been a Jersey Boy all my life, I've been limited to Philly teams, the Philadelphia Phantoms Phlex is pretty cool, but man do I admire those Philadelphia Eagle Cheerleaders!

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    I gotta go with my bread and butter team, Mich. State and the infamous Spartan!

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    Originally posted by egghead44
    yeah... that bulldawg is hott
    thats right! UGA 6!
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    I think my college mascot might be the least known of all time. The Bethel Threshers. For those of u that do not know what a thresher is i will let ya know. It is a farm implement that is sorta like a combine but different.

    just lettin ya all know!

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    i gotta go wit the rifle man of the West Virginia Moutaineers, this guy is awesome, he gets to shoot a gun everytime the Moutaineers score... the best part was when he wasnt going to be allowed into a game becauase of a no gun policy by the school lol... well all around this guy is a good guy, the worst looking masco is defitinetly the guy that Randall Simon hit... i dont blame him for hitting him i praise him lol

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    Yes! The W.V. Mountaineer is awesome! Hopefully he'll be shootin' the gun off5-6 times a game. :)

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