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Thread: New PickUps this week:

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    New PickUps this week:

    Here is what I have gotten i trade or bidboard this week, not all of them are in hand
    for autos, i only will consider autos of equal BV or more

    In Hand
    02-03 Inspirations Dual Auto /1600 Jeffries and Stackhouse NB/New
    2000 Century Legends Auto Dave Cowens -$15 (thanx MrNelly)
    2000 Century Legends Auto Bob Lanier -$20 (thanx MrNelly)
    97-98 Skybox Autographics L Johnson -$12 (thanx MrNelly)

    02-03 UD Authentics Heroes of Basketball Garnett Auto /10 -NB/Rarity (thanx Dajuan Wagner)
    02-03 Sweet Shot Signiture Shot K Martin -$25 (thanx NuttyNelly)
    97-98 Topps Auto Drexler -$40
    01-02 UD Legends Ewing Jersey -$30 (thanx minew m)
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    hey bddr...r u willing to sell those auto??pls let me know

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    tatotop- no i dont generally sell autos, but will occasionally sell RC/Autos

    kirkham, i might sell the jeffries/stackhouse, but it would probably be like $15, and im not sure if youd want to do that

    jydfan- there is nothing i need from you right now

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    nah i already have it anyway. do you have any other jared jeffries

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    i sold my other jeffries auto to llcooljoe 4 days ago, sorry

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