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    Player Indexing

    Search just a sport and a player name in hockey take 24 seconds and more if you query Baseball. Why, because search for partial text is slow. The only way around was to create a player table and index them one by one. What we did is let member index the player they need as it very long to do so. Hockey has only index 1/3 as of today of all 30,000 player we have for hockey.

    When search for a player you need to use the full player name in the search so the index kick in. You can watch this demo that show you how to work a player list and you can always as a OPG staff to optimise a player for you that you collect.

    Here the demo/video:

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    I hope this is where my question goes. I'm trying to index Joc Pederson so I can pc fast link him and the site tells me "no results found." I can however look up his cards(68 total). Not sure why I cant index and pc fast link. Please help. Sorry if this is the wrong spot for the question.

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    I tried to view the video, but nothing happens when I click on play. Anything I might be missing? I'm not the most computer literate guy so it's probably my fault. I'm trying to figure out how to index Andrew Shaw and then get on the player rolodex list.
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