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Thread: PC Showcase - Ryan Gomes

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    PC Showcase - Ryan Gomes

    Currently have 171 different in hand and somewhere between 12-15 on the way. He has 472 cards. I should mention I started collecting him in August 2011.

    Thanks guys!

    LMK what you think.


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    I'd say you are off to a great start! Lucky for me my PC player, Jodie Meeks, only has 154 cards right now. It looks like a great collection and I can't wait to see some 1/1s and really nice stuff you get!!

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    Thanks man! Believe it or not I haven't seen any 1/1's yet. If I come across any nice Meeks I'll let you know! If you could do the same for Gomes that would be great!

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    WOW that is one heck of a collection for 1 months work ! 171 cards for your PC in one month :O thats some great goin :D

    Keep up the good work and posting your new pickups in here, i love to follow threads like this

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    Will do. :) and thanks bro. I think I have 2 coming in today. Only 2 Serial Numbered Cards but hey to be a supercollector you have to get everything haha.

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    Hey guys I would like to tell you why I collect Ryan Gomes. I live in Rhode Island and my house is 20 minutes from Providence College and 15 minutes from the Dunkin' Donuts Center where the basketball team plays their home games. My dad took me to my first PC game when I was 7 in 2001. That was Ryan Gomes freshman year. From the first game I saw not only did I become a DIEHARD PC fan but Ryan became my favorite player by far. I used to get so excited to go to the games just to see him play and since then I've loved to watch him. As I'm sure many of you don't know he is PC's all time leading scorer (2,138 points). Then in the 2005 NBA Draft my dreams came true. He was drafted by the Celtics (My favorite NBA team). He played 2 years in Boston before being traded in the KG Deal (I was heartbroken). I always say If I could have anyone from that trade back it would be him not Al Jefferson. Anyway, This summer I was doing college tours including PC. From the second I arrived on Campus i fell in love with it. If I get accepted (which I should) I will be attending PC in the fall of 2012. That was when I decided to super collect him finally. I've only been doing it for 6 weeks but I'm very proud of my collection and I don't care if I'm ever broke and need money very badly these cards will never leave my possession because of the sentimental value.


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    Quote Originally Posted by leonpowe0 View Post
    Will do. :) and thanks bro. I think I have 2 coming in today. Only 2 Serial Numbered Cards but hey to be a supercollector you have to get everything haha.
    I totally agree mate ... if your collecting a player, you need everything from a base to the 1/1's ! Everything you pick up just makes your collection more awesome

    I am PCing Orton at the moment mainly and having a blast with that :) Although his cards are harder to find

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    I'm loving collecting Gomes Right now! It makes it even more awesome that he is inexpensive. But he is a role model to me so its worth a lot more.

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    Gomes Mailday 9/16/11

    Not very big pickups but VERY needed pickups.

    2008-09 UD Electric Court Base Parallel

    2009-10 R&S Longevity Base Parallel /25

    2010-11 Totally Certified Base /1849.

    Gomes Diff Cards Count is now 174 :)

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    awesome collection and great story behind it as well! best of luck with your future pick ups and college.

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