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Thread: Philly INK

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    didnt look hard enough..
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    you guys hear about the lesean softball game?

    just kidding. wish i could go, i've got an out of town guest that weekend, i don't think graphing in lancaster is gonna be high on his list of things to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slitz View Post
    dude, 2 posts above yours LOL

    didnt see was on the other bad...

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    If the people in this thread don't show up and RACK the softball tourney, this thread should be closed. The amount of stars being gift wrapped at your doorstep is redonk. If you need help with dope images and got paypal, lmk.

    That is all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowsuby03 View Post
    didnt see was on the other bad...

    no harm... I was just busting your chops :)

    if anyone is going and needs any info about the layout, let me know. i've graphed there on occasion. i can also send 50/50 8x10s of ALL the guys there if anyone can help out. like i said, i'll be out of town.

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    Looks like I'll be chill in with the Amish peeps June 23rd!

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    wow. you are a graphing warrior. great success at the reading game
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    hanson bros. will be at monster mania in cherry hill aug 17,18th. i know it's not toally philly sports, but who dosen't love the hansons? i'm stoked.

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