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Thread: Philly INK

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    I've done that before more than once. At least twice I've shown up to a CHickie's only to find out it was another Chickies. I probably just missed you, I was second in line for Wine and split right after that.
    Quote Originally Posted by jtbruds9 View Post
    I wound up getting there late cause for some reason I had it stuck in my head it was at granite run mall. So after driving all the way there I realized I was wrong. I would of completely missed out on Taylor but I called Adam Poppel and he got him for me so when I got there I grabbed Gordon and Unser right away and then waited in line for wine. I guess it was a little after 12 when I got there.
    I NEED 02/03 Topps Heritage Calder Cloth cards!!!
    Always looking for signed Philadelphia Sports Illustrateds!
    Have an odd Richie Ashburn item? I might want it!
    Looking for 66-67 Topps Hockey

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    Quote Originally Posted by druce26 View Post
    Chickie's finally has a worthwhile show. Unfortunately I have to work and will be paying for him this Saturday:
    This week: August 13th, 6-7pm – Join us Live from Chickie’s & Pete’s on 675 in Audubon with Former Phillies shortstop Bobby Wine.

    Anyone else going to the Buck County show this weekend?
    If you miss this show, Wine is pretty automatic TTM. Got him a couple weeks ago on some vintage Phillies cards I had of him. FYI just in case anyone can't go.

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    Who was on here that had a Robin Roberts ball for trade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtbruds9 View Post
    Who was on here that had a Robin Roberts ball for trade?
    i have one for trade

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    So now that Im done with training camp.....I am gonna post some of my trade items/ and Eagles training camp autos up for sale/trade. Posting here first for Philly Ink

    Lesean McCoy mini helmet autographed at his Charity Softball game $45
    Brian Dawkins mini helmet autographed at a Kisses for Kyle Event $55
    Mike Vick jersey autographed a week and a half ago at camp $75
    Mike Vick football autographed today at Camp $90
    Mike Vick SI autographed at a MAB show in VF in 2010 $65
    Lesean McCoy 8.5x11 autographed at Chickies and Petes $30
    Nnamdi 8.5x11 autographed at Holiday Inn Stadium 2011 $30
    Nnamdi 8.5x11 SI autographed at Holiday Inn Stadium 2011 $30
    Desean Jackson "Miracle at the Meadowlands" 8.5x11 $30
    Desean Jackson "Miracle at the Meadowlands" 8.5x11 B&W background $30
    Lesean McCoy autographed 4x6 PITT $10
    Lesean McCoy autographed 4x6 Eagles $10
    Lesean McCoy autographed 4x6 Eagles custom $10
    Lesean McCoy autographed 2012 Training Camp program...x4 $15 each
    Chad Hall autographed 4x6 NFL Logo $4
    Jeremiah Trotter autographed screen printed Jersey
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    Just felt like posting this- I knocked out another one of my philly white whales on Saturday, but it wasn't without difficulty.

    I want to express a ridiculous thanks to TPotts, the eagles training camp expert. He didn't have to be so nice to me, but he was. He shared all his knowledge of how to graph at the event, and helped me accomplish the mission.

    We had to roll with the punches- the day was a disaster in many ways. The Eagles decided for whatever reason on that day to put everything on lockdown. We were graphing on the sidelines, and I called out to Nnamdi as he was leaving the practice field.

    I said "Hey Nnamdi!" And he looked over. I said "This is the only day I can get here, can you please sign?!"

    He turned as if he was about to come over, but then shrugged and pointed to the practice field as if to say that practice was still going on. I asked him if he could sign later, but before he could answer, a security guard came up in my face and yelled at me to get out, because it was against the rules to yell at the players for autographs.

    TPotts has gone to TC every single day pretty much and this was never a rule. They were literally making it up as they went along. So we were bounced from the morning practice. I tried to apologize, say I wouldn't do it again, but it was no good. He was a real jerk.

    So then I figured ok, it's not a big deal- I'll come back in the afternoon and get autograph tickets and try to win the raffle (CBs were signing in the tent). So normally the strategy is to keep entering and leaving training camp and get ticket after ticket until you have so many that you are almost gauranteed a win. I have done this before, and TPotts did it a lot too, never with any problems.

    However, again today, they had stuff on lockdown. Me, TPotts, and other graphers that I talked to all got rejected by the girls giving the tickets when they tried to go back through. Ridiculous.

    As we were trying to get more tickets, a nice couple in their early 50s told us they could get us some tickets. So they went back to the girls and came back with 4 tickets. We asked them if they wanted them instead of giving them to us and they said not to worry, they don't need them because their son, chad hall, plays for the Eagles. Crazy! They were really nice people.

    But, what really infuriates me, is that all 4 tickets that she gave us were winning tickets! The "raffle" is clearly rigged, if the girls giving the tickets out can give 4 winners to the family of a player that walks up. We had a LOT of tickets between us in the end, and we only had 6 winners, 4 of which came from Chad Hall's mom. I refuse to believe that is a coincidence.

    I am half-tempted to write a letter to the Eagles describing how horrible my experience was with that security guard, and how the raffle is rigged, which isn't fair to the fans. Anybody think this is a good idea? Maybe threaten to go to the newspapers or something (depending on how much people would actually care if it was rigged)?

    Anyways, long story short I got some winning tickets, and we all managed to get in Nnamdi's line. I told him that I was the guy who yelled to him in the morning, and he said he was glad I got lucky with the ticket because otherwise he didn't know how he was going to sign for me, because practice was going on.

    He signed 2 SI covers for me- 1 for me and 1 for my brother, Nnamdi is his favorite Eagle. I took the photo of them how they were when i got them signed, but I am going to put blank white labels over the labels with the writing on them to make it look better. Anyways here they are:

    Mission was accomplished, but it was like pulling teeth.

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    congrats man, i missed out on nnamdi on dbacks day a few weeks ago, i went today and for qbs and got vick on my si, but the girls only let me have 1 ticket they said they reconized me???!! and it was only 1 per person, lol but still great job on getting nnamdi

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    hey heard sixers are starting camp today anyone know if that is open to public?

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    sixers camp is never open to the public, but they are having a presser at the constitution center to introduce bynum and richardson. that is open to the public.

    good job cyberer.

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