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Thread: Philly INK

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    thanks fellas, I did have loot inside, but he didn't open. It's a present for my dad, so I will try again a little closer to Christmas. I was thinking about sending a letter first letting him know why I want it. My dad is a huge UPenn guy and Eagles fan, so he would go nuts

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    Yeah it a few weeks and give it another shot, unless he really is in bad health this time.

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    LB Mychal Kendricks is signing at Pro Image at Montgomery Mall on Sat Dec 15th from 1-3pm

    Autographs are $20

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    Just a thought fellas, Monday is a day off for a lot of schools/jobs. Wouldn't be surprised if the radio shows are a little more packed than normal. I'll be getting there a little early just in case

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    Besides bryce brown what other shows are there? The andy reid/shady one? Is there a schedule on here somewhere?

    I know I'm asking a noob question for a guy who's been on here for years, but it seems like this year the discussion about specific shows as they approach has gotten more scant.

    I'm looking to graph on monday at a show, but want to pick the best one.

    Also, remember last year the MNF crew did a MNF countdown carnival in the city where there was going to be a monday night game? The Eagles play monday night in a few weeks- is there going to be another version of this?
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    read on another board that the MNF carnival hasnt been done this year

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    Went to the Demeco Ryans signing at Sports Depot. In and out. was there at 7:15 and no one was there. Got to talk to him for a bit take a pic and got my jersey signed. Overall great experience!

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    Chase Utley info back up on BC sports website:

    Strategic Sports Marketing, Hunt Auctions, and MAB Celebrity Services are
    pround to present Philadelphia Phillies legendary second baseman Chase Utley in
    a proceeds benefiting autograph signing event. A portion of the proceeds will
    benefit the Pennsylvania SPCA and Utley All-Star Animals.

    The Chase Utley
    Autograph Signing will take place during the Baseball Card & Sports
    Memorabilia Show at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA on
    December 8th, 2012 from 1-3:30 pm.

    One (1) autograph on a flat item
    (up to 16x20) or a ball: $109
    One (1) autograph on a piece of equipment
    (jersey, bat, glove, etc.) or oversized flat item (larger than 16x20):
    One (1) inscription (personalization, 08 WS Champs, 5x All Star, etc.):

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    I'm trying to clear some stuff out.......anyone interested in a Jonathan Papelbon autographed Sweet Spot ROMLB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slitz View Post
    read on another board that the MNF carnival hasnt been done this year
    Unfortunately this is true, had a lot of fun last year and got Asante and DJax....wish they did it again!

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