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Thread: Philly INK

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberer View Post
    Considering my biggest wants at the festival This year are Michael young and delmon young, I'm Not Gunna sweat it if I don't get a package. I'll be able to buy an admissions ticket for a dollar and get in those 2 guy's lines for 10.

    For people that still need the stars it sucks though.
    Smart move Erik. If last year did teach me anything it was I was blowing to much money on admission packages when I can just go in and give out a modest donation for the players I want. We need to see if Delmon Young makes it to the Phestival though, might not be around that long if he fails to impress.

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    I wasn't trying to put you on blast, if you are a Phils fan too its all good. If I lose out on tix because fans get it thats one thing, but losing out on them to non-fans and dealers is BS. I'm sure all can agree with that. Not everyone who posts is necessarily fan, some people just general collectors(and the occasional dreaded dealer haha). Hopefully we all get tix this year and its a nonissue. I guess we will all know soon

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    Eddie........didn't you more than double your money selling some Orioles Fan Fest tickets on eBay????

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    Going to try to take the twins to the Piazza signing tomorrow, heard a few stories of him being a dick signer so will see what happens tomorrow.

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    He was super nice when his number got retired at Phoenixville High School.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanpmeyer View Post
    Eddie........didn't you more than double your money selling some Orioles Fan Fest tickets on eBay????
    I don't see what this has to do with anything but yes I did. I started the auction at the price I got it for and then I let the market take over. I didn't force anyone to bid on my extra ticket. In fact I was completely dumbfounded why it sold for what it sold for, seeing as how the Orioles are a great signing TTM and IP team, do several (5-10) public appearances during the year, have a Fan Fest where you can pick what players you want, and also have the entire team sign autographs for you at the season ticket holder day (which I would love to go to but can't because I don't have season tickets - the commut alone would have me broke in two weeks). I'm not sure if you know this but driving down to Baltimore isn't cheap. You pay $22 in tolls (round-trip), $30 in gas (round-trip), and then $15-20 for parking. Selling my extra voucher helped me out big time with those expensives and being able to get more ROMLBs for Bundy and Machado. But then again, I don't see what this has to do with the Phillies Phestival, but since I have nothing to hide, I don't mind sharing what I did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanpmeyer View Post
    Any interest in meeting up after the Flyers Carnival @ Chickies & Petes? Also anyone interested in tailgating for the Phillies Phestival?i
    Im in for Phillies Phestival!!!

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    I used to buy a bunch of individual games so i could pick which teams and nights i wanted. I switched to a season ticket plan, even though the games the team picks are't always as convienent, to have the opportunity at playoff tix and access to the VIP phone line. Seeing as our window to make the playoffs is closing, then i would at least like priority access to the phone line. The team gets close to $1,000 dollars of my money up front each year in Dec, that should be worth something over people who may buy a few individual games here and there. I'm not a big company or a dealer, just a dedicated fan and collector. Saying ticket plan holders "shouldn't get special treatment" or "it's their problem" sounds pretty rude and ignorant. If you booked a first class plane ticket, should some one else get to sit in it just cause they got to the gate first?

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    I think he was saying that it's on the season ticket holders to demand that from the business, and that they should not begrudge the beneficiaries of the bad policy of the company, but rather the company itself.
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    i'm not knocking Eddie for hating on the system since it is flawed, but i do agree that season ticket holders get plenty of benefits. you only mentioned a few, but there are more including guaranteed giveaways as one example. the phestival is a fan fest NOT a season ticket holder fest. therefore in my opinion they shouldn't get anything extra. season ticket holders in general no matter what team or sport feel they are owed the world.

    -as a Phantoms mini plan holder, i was often pushed out of my seats b/c the full plan holders bought extra tix to bring family & friends & complained that they wanted my seats for that game, so i got moved to seats i didn't want & often didn't know til i tried sitting down for the game then i would miss the start of the game while they 'found' me new seats. it was a joke!
    -in Lakewood i've had MANY problems including season ticket holders getting moved ahead of me in line for autograph signings b/c they couldn't get there on time (they already get early admission & therefore 1st in line for all events)
    -again in Lakewood, this past year they gave season ticket holders their own concession stand lines b/c they complained that they shouldn't have to wait in the same lines as us common folk. now there's less lines for food & we must wait in longer lines while the season ticket lines are empty & its a waste of a worker standing there doing nothing.
    these are just some examples & i'm not saying Eddie is one of these whiney season ticket holders but i'm just showing how & why these people think they are owed everything & they will get it as long as these teams keep bending over backwards for them.
    so because i don't:
    A) have a lot of disposable income to afford season tix
    B) live closer, so the gas, tolls & time it takes to get to Philly or Lakewood hurt my chances of getting to more games
    C) am responsible w/my money & don't buy season tix while i live in a trailer & drive a piece of car b/c all my money went to season tix (everyone sees these season tickets...the ones you can't figure out how they afford it)
    ...i shouldn't have a fair chance at getting autographs ever without paying out the for signings?
    that's just my opinion on it. one last note; how could you not get through on the season ticket line? i got through on my 1st try half an hour after they went on sale, then again over an hour later to add another auto ticket. so an hour & a half after they went on sale, i got on again on my 1st dial. sounds very strange that you never got through.

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