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Thread: MLanz88 Success Thread

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    MLanz88 Success Thread

    Hey guys, been doing this for about six months, so I will update my successes and will write who i get.

    - Guy Fieri
    - Judge Judy/ Officer Byrd
    - Mark Buerhle
    - Peyton Manning
    - Jamie Moyer
    - Mike Greenberg/ Mike Golic
    - Jeff George
    - Bob Barker
    - Jennie Finch

    - Demarcus Ware (2006)
    - Ben Bailey
    - Bob Clarke
    - Bernie Parent
    - Jason Smith
    - Keith Primeau
    - Scott Hartnell
    - Dan Carcillo
    - Nicolai Zherdev
    - Brian Boucher
    - Von Hayes
    - Cecil Fielder
    - Gary Dornhoffer

    - Jeff Carter
    - Martin Biron

    Will be out of town for a few days but will update who I get. Will post pictures if anyone wants to see them!

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    Nice pick ups

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    Sorry I have been out so long guys, work has been a killer, I am going to try to keep up this week was a slow week to start a monday but got 2 TTMs
    1. Bam Magera Via Address SCF 13 days
    2. George Bush Via Address SCF 7 days

    I also had one pick up this week at a Goodwill... Dual Signed Terrell Davis and Adam Schefter signed book

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