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Thread: Anyone interested in these??

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    Anyone interested in these??

    tim duncan 97-98 upper deck rc #114
    allen iverson 96-97 fleer rc #235
    allen iverson 96-97 nba hoops rc #295
    kevin garnett 96-97 nba hoops rc #272
    stephon marbury 96-97 fleer rc #219
    shaquille o' neal 92-93 upper deck #1 draft pick #1

    i will sell for cheap or trade for cal ripken jrs only, lemme know thanx


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    i like all of your cards how much bv are you asking for on each ?
    and i have a
    97'cal ripkin jr bowmens best best cuts refractore
    98' ripkin fleer rbi king
    00' cal ud mvp prolifics

    let me know if you like any

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    if i'm gonna trade em i want the same bv in ripkens. the bv for the ones above is about $76 so i if was to sell em i would do em all for $35 shipped out!!

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    I got 95 UD Choice Cal Ripken Coll $4
    I will trade this card for your Duncan UD RC $4.
    LMK what you think.

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    lemme see what Drago06- says because i need 1 of his ripkens i already have ures. i'll get back to ya

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    the duncan garnertt and iversons are like 4 or 5 ea..the marbury is 2 and the shaq is either 8 or 30 depending whether its the max is $52...ill get you an exact later

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    hey man im sorry but all 3 ripkins are pending right now some thing just came up befor i got your reply sorry ill let you know .

    thanx anyways

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