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Thread: return postage

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    return postage

    buyer returned item but did not pay postage what can i do. can send picure of item with original postage on it

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    pay the postage lol...and take the small loss..your only out the return postage...sure you shouldne have to pay it but be thankful thats all your out

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    not me the buyer did not pay for return postage

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy20066 View Post
    not me the buyer did not pay for return postage
    im aware read what i will have to pay the postage before the postal service will give the item, or ask my buddy he didnt pay a unpaid postage and they stopped delivering to his house all together and he had to drive to the post office...just be glad the guy sent the card back..after you refund him,,,your only out the postage cost..and in todays ebay thats a win lol

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    did not have to pay anything at all to get my item back

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    you said he returned it and didnt pay postage..which means your more then likely gonna get a bill from paypal for his refund or the usps for the return shipping and if its your lucky day both lol

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