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    The returns are slowing down now because I need to buy more cards. Got 2 cards and a very nice note from Joe Hamilton in the mail today for the ABA collection:

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    Love seeing all the old school cards, keep up the work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marti427 View Post
    Love seeing all the old school cards, keep up the work!
    Thanks for the kind words!

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    2 more cards for the ABA collection today from Dave Robisch:

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    Nice pickups. I tried Kidd a few years ago when he played for NJ. Unfortunately for me he was subsequently traded to Dallas and I never saw my cards again. Since you just tried him and got a quick response I'm going to try my luck one more time. Also how did you prep the donross card for the autograph?
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    Kidd and Dirk have been signing like crazy this season. I have a white eraser that I always rub lightly over glossy cards for in person and ttm autos.

    And if there is a specific card you want signed by Kidd, only send 1. That seems to be his max except on rare occasions.

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    After a long drought, I got Dirk in the mail yesterday. The silver looks great on the Donruss card!

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    Sent a small new batch of basketball stuff out. Today must be ball point pen day:

    Bob Netolicky 3/3 ballpoint
    Rick Mount 2/2 ballpoint

    For the ABA collection...

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