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    I Need These Players!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need rookies of the following players
    Michael Vick besides fleer glossy
    Roy Williams
    Terence Newman
    Chris Simms
    Kliff Kingsbury
    i especially need autos of simms and kingsbury

    thanks again
    ps i will only be allowed to offer baseball, hockey, and golf

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    I have 2002 Donruss Roy Williams BV$8, 2003 Ultra Terrance Newman BV$10 and 2003 Ultra Gold Medallion Chris Simms BV$10. Get back to me if interested.

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    i am very interested however i can only trade baseball, hockey, or golf. let me know who your favorite players are and i'll get back to you with what i have

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    i have a Terence Newman and a Chris Simms both score
    i hava a vick ud mvp and a vick fleer rookie revolution

    let me know

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    i have a vick tops rc and a combo with him and freeman its also his rc year lmk

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    what are the book values? what is your favorite baseball or hockey player?

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    i dont know if your talking to me or the other guy but the vbs are
    for the
    newman 1.50
    simms 1.50
    the and vick is 10
    let me know
    and i like ichiro rc , pujols rc , prior rc , dontrell willis rc and any other baseball star rc and if your willing ill trade for just about any gu' and autos it just dippens who.


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