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Thread: Older Cards

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    Older Cards

    I have some older cards from 1988-1993. If anyone is interested in a certain player or wants a certain team, then let me know so I can look for you. I know very little about basketball cards as I mainly collect baseball. Thanks

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    Are any of the 1988 cards Fleer? Let me know, thanks!

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    Yes, I'm sure there are some Fleer in that pile. Let me know what you need and I will look and make sure.

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    I know I have their cards, but what is their official rc or do you want just any rookie card??

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    i need miller rc,stockton rc,and rodman rc from fleer 88-89.and also i need 89-90 hoop of david robinson rc.

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    I have these Mj's
    1990 Skybox
    1990 offical league cards
    Air knows ( don't know what year)
    1992 Upper Deck Jordan/Pippen
    1991 Upper Deck baseball rookie card
    1992 upper deck #44
    LMK if you want them. Please make an offer.

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    I have this of c-webb 93/94 upper deck
    and I don't have those Miller's, Stockton's, or Rodman cards. I do have many cards of them but not their 89 fleer card. Lmk if you need stuff from that list.Thanks

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