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Thread: Your 2012 SCF Goals

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    Your 2012 SCF Goals

    Thought I'd continue the thread.


    Reach 150 total cards of Andrew Bailey Reach 175 Andrew Bailey Cards
    Reach 215 trades Reach 275 trades
    Reach 25,000 posts
    Make some new friends on SCF
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    Andrew Bailey: 198/241 not including 1/1's (82.2%); 212/438 cards including 1/1's(48.4%)

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    Reach 100 trades
    reach 1000 posts
    Work on my Bobrovsky pc and maybe start a Nyquist (assuming he gets more rc's this year other than artifacts).

    And mainly to track down the 10/11 Zenith DTT black Jordan Pearce 1/1

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    Reach 600 feedback
    Find the rest of my hof auto set
    10,000 posts
    30 Ryan mallett autos

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    1. Finish my WWE Topps 2009 master set. Missing 2 black parallel cards Carlito and Ted Dibiase /40.
    2. Reach 300 Feedback.
    3. Pull a Sick John Cena card.
    4. Accumulate 500 different New York Yankees cards from all years(Currently at 176, still searching through all my boxes.
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    Get to 300 different Detroit Tigers Autos/GUs (currently at 99)
    Get to 60% of Dan LeFevour cards produced (currently at 42.3%)
    Buy/Trade for a Shawn Michaels Autograph
    Click banner for tradelist
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    1. Get 1000 different Peyton Manning cards (currently at 860)
    2. Get to 500 Trader Rating


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    In no particular order

    -Acquire a Topps Fan Favorites Gary Larsen auto
    -Pull a nice Vikings card
    -Acquire autographs of these Viking players: Cris Carter, Fran Tarkenton, Adrian Peterson, John Randle, Brett Favre

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    Focus more on baseball collecting & less on football.
    Hopefully have 50 trades by 12/2012.
    Make it through another year.
    PC: Longoria, Tulowitzki, Stanton, Kemp, Pujols, Randy Johnson, Chipper Jones, Joey Votto, Griffey Jr, Craig Biggio, Bagwell, Helton, Derek Jeter
    I trade by BV or @ least try to when available.
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    reach 200 trades
    get sweet new duchene patch autos for my PC
    sell cards
    meet new friends

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    Reach 400 trades
    Start collecting Hockey
    Do More Case Breaks on here

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