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Thread: Fan Pack Scandal

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    Fan Pack Scandal

    According to twitter, the Red Sox dirt in fan packs is fake.!/SleepyJordan/...43801632669697

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    That was a long article...I kind of skimmed through it. Even if it's fake who is going to be able to even tell?

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    So if I make a twitter account and get 25 followers everything I say becomes a fact?

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    According to the article it is the same material, crushed bricks, that is used on the warning track and foul areas. According to the author it gets no closer to the field than the dugout. I'm a Yankee fan and actually own one of these bags of "dirt". I actually think it is a pretty cool giveaway, even if it hasn't been on the field. Did we really think there were people combing Fenway and scooping up dirt into the little plastic bags every time someone requested a fanpack?
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