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Thread: Cheap Rookies for CardCash?

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    Cheap Rookies for CardCash?

    ill trade Cheap rookies of guys like walker etc for 50 cardcash ea
    ill trade Rookies of T-Mac, Duncan, Shaq for 150 CardCash ea
    ill trade a Kobe Ultra Rookie thats white on the edges for 400 cardcash....

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    how much cc do u want for ur vc autos? ill give all 700 i got for one! lmk!!

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    do you have any nowitzki, nash, or finley rc's? and how much would those be?

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    ive got a nowitzki topps RC bv $4 for 80cc...i think i have a nash metal series 2 96-97 somewhere id do for 30 cc

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    i havent gotten any money for llcooljoe, so im going to assume he didnt send out payment....

    so therefore i have a SPA Auto/RC for sale, but not cardcash
    i was asking $8

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    hey man have you got my four dollars yet. and do you have anymore jeffries!

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    havent gotten the $4 yet, ill let you know when i do

    the SPA and the dual au w/stack are the only jeffries i have available

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    ok i have the one with stack, can you send me a scan of the SPA please? LMK

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