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Thread: FT Looking For Wings

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    FT Looking For Wings

    Just got these in, looking for Current Wings in return, pm works best!

    Trade Bucket
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    take a look at my tradelist to see if we can work something out. Interested in:

    10-11 ITG canada vs world PCC insert ranford/belfour #PCC-3

    but I don't mind trading for the lot too if the deal is right!

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    Some new stuff in my bucket, not much but willing to trade for something Red Wings, lmk what you have! Thanks

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    check my list and see if you see anything I might be interested in the Hasek auto
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    Hi Im interested in the Hasek auto also. I have a few Wings cards, check my photobucket I think they are all in there.

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    Hasek Auto gone, anyone else want to trade?

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