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Thread: CLRyan5's Success Thread

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    Today brought Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads via email. Pumped about this return because my 2 triplet sisters, younger brother, brother-in-law, and soon to be brother-in-law all go to Iowa State!!

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    Tonight the Burlington Bees came to town for the Lumberkings' final home series of the regular season. I think it is pretty funny and ironic that my first team I graphed for this Midwest League season was Burlington and the final team I'm graphing is Burlington. I was able to attend batting practice, but only Burlington took BP on the field so I only got 7 baseballs.

    AJ Cole: 9/9, 3/3 8x10s, 1/1 Oakland A's hat, 1/1 MWL ball, 4/4 Bowman cards, pic with
    AJ Cole pitched tonight in the series opener and he was pretty impressive. His fastball touched 93 and he had devastating breaking stuff tonight. I didn't stay for the whole game but it was the bullpen who gave up the game. Cole is your prototypical ace pitcher with a big body and the composure and demeanor of someone who knows he is going to be good. He was nice enough to sign the photos, hat, and ball before the game and take a picture with me and then the 4 cards after the game. I need to get 5 more cards signed by him the last 2 games.

    Addison Russell: 2/2, 1/1 MWL ball, 1/1 Oakland A's hat, pic with
    Russell was very nice and signed multiples for everyone. He was fun to watch tonight. He is fast as hell!

    Bobby Crocker: 3/3, 2/2 cards, 1/1 MWL ball, pic with
    I'll be honest I had my eye on him for reasons other than his talent. He's one attractive man. And it also helps he is a top prospect in the A's system. Was thrilled to get a picture with him :)

    Wade Kirkland: 1/1, MWL Ball, got him when he was walking to the Lumberkings' clubhouse to do some early BP in the cages. He started signing side pane and I asked him to sweetspot so he did. It looked like he was going to sweetspot then at the last minute he turned it but at least you won't be able to see it in a cube. He was a very nice guy nonetheless.

    Drew Granier: 2/2, 1/1 card, 1/1 MWL ball
    Granier is quickly becoming 1 of the more talented pitchers in the A's lower level system. Not to mention he is 1 tough ballplayer. In 1 of his most recent starts he dislocated his non-pitching shoulder, went into the dugout, had the trainer pop it back in, then took the mound again and resumed his start! That's insane to me!

    Royce Consigli: 1/1, 8x10, pic with...when he saw this picture he laughed and said I picked an awful picture of him haha so then I asked if I could get a picture with him so I could have a better photo to get signed and he laughed and said of course. Another attractive ballplayer :)

    Chih Fang Pan: 1/1 MWL ball, pic with
    Asked him to sweetspot and he smiled and said yeah and sidepaneled. I wasn't real impressed with him. Maybe playing this year's Futures Game as only a low-A player has inflated his sense of self-worth

    Blake Hassebrock: 1/1 MWL ball
    As he was signing he asked me if I was from around here. I told him I lived here in Clinton and he asked if it always smells here. We have a corn processing plant in the southeast part of town that gives Clinton its infamous smell. The hotels the teams stay at are located in that area and he said it smelled awful where they were staying. I told him it always smells down there and when the wind is bad it is even worse because it spreads the smell.

    Jabari Blash: 1/1, custom card, as he was signing he was like you know that's not me right? I felt like a complete idiot because this picture always comes up on Google images. I usually make sure and thought it was him but I never thought it looked like him. I thought the photo may have a couple years on it but he told me that was a guy the Mariners picked up last year. I apologized profusely for the mix up because I felt so stupid. He smiled and said don't worry about it. After the game I asked him if I could get his next broken bat and he said absolutely. Guess giving him the card paid off. Now I'll be praying he breaks a bat in these next 2 games since they are the final games I'll be able to go to.

    David Villasuso: 2/2, 2 4x6s
    I really like chatting with Villasuso when he signs for me. He's a fun guy to talk to

    Rusty Shellhorn: 2/2, 2 4x6s
    Shellhorn was a late season addition to this team and has pitched pretty well. On another note he is so short! I was taller than him when he signed for me haha

    Seon Gi-Kim, Bryan Brito: 1/1 each team set cards, uneventful encounters

    Daniel Paolini: 3/3, 2 4x6s, 1 8x10
    He continues to tear it up at the end of this season, belting his 17th home run of the year tonight to give the Lumberkings the lead for good

    Mike Dowd: 2/2, Lumberkings mini helmet, mini bat
    I chose this style mini bat because it is similar to the bat he uses and I think it turned out phenomenal!

    Matt Brazis: 1/1, 8x10, I yelled to him about 10 feet away sitting down in the bullpen during warmups. He sounded like he was having an intense football conversation with his bullpen buddies haha He didn't hear me but the other pitchers did and told him I was yelling for him. He came right over and I thanked him for coming over and apologized for interrupting his intense football conversation jokingly. He laughed and said no problem and then a first from a pro athlete. He apologized to me for not having a good autograph yet. As a late round pick who doesn't have any cards out he doesn't have to sign much but I thought that was cool of him to say and shows how humble he is. I laughed and said it looked great

    Dillon Hazlett: 3/3, 3 8x10s
    As usual Dillon signed for me tonight. These are the last 8x10s I needed signed from the big order I placed of Lumberkings' photos. They look sweet signed in gold

    Team Photo: After the game I got most of the players on this team photo that was free to fans at a recent game.
    Signed by: Kyle Hunter, David Villasuso, Jordan Pries, Jamal Austin, Daniel Paolini, Jabari Blash, Kevin Rivers (who also said I can have his next broken bat), Seon Gi-Kim, Rusty Shellhorn, Jeremy Dobbs (signature smeared :( ), Patrick Brady, Dillon Hazlett, Bobby Shore, Matt Brazis, Mike Dowd, Ramon Morla, John Taylor, Jordan Shipers, David Colvin

    Finally my last story of graphing tonight. 1 of the better players on the Lumberkings is Guillermo Pimentel. For those of you who have followed my Midwest League graphing adventures you'll notice he isn't 1 of the players I graph frequently. The fact that he doesn't speak very good English played a role. So the past 2 nights I have waited by the clubhouse after the game with his father. He has told me each night he'll sign. Well my past 2 blog posts have not included successes from Pimentel. The past 2 nights his dad has talked to him, waited a bit, then the 2 leave with another hispanic teammate out the street-side exit on the opposite side of the building from me so they don't have to sign for me. Pimentel has struck me as a bit of an arrogant guy who is not a very good teammate. He doesn't seem to want to learn better English has he speaks nothing but Spanish to the other Dominican players on the team. I told my dad about my misfortune from the past few nights and he even thought that was weird, especially since I was the only person waiting for autographs the past few nights. What led me to this realization? Well it's a funny story. I will not name the players involved so I don't air their dirty laundry but 1 of the nicer players on the team was signing for me when another 1 of the nice guys came out and told the player signing for me "dude that's a total cono move with Pimentel's dad going into the locker room!" I had to hold back laughing because I thought that was hilarious they didn't approve of that. I thought it was a little weird to be honest. I didn't understand what "total cono move" was until this evening after I got home I turned to Twitter and saw there is a total cono page devoted to making fun of the self-centered antics of the Hispanic players in baseball. Well I will end my rant there and here's hoping I get more successes tomorrow!!

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    Those aj cole's look great- i guess i will have to wait until he pitches in AA and comes to new hampshire as he does not sign TTM- have a good one!
    -2012-present Bowman Chrome first year baseball stuff.
    -Football Semistar-Star Finest, Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Platinum RCs and Refractors
    -Always interested in buying via Paypal lots of stuff I collect or star refractor lots in baseball and football.

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    Thanks! Yeah I tried him TTM too with no luck and then he got called up to Burlington. He's kind of an odd looking guy and carries himself like he's better than A ball and can't wait to be in the bigs. And I say that in the nicest way possible because he was a great guy

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    Today brought a great success from Rays prospect Jake Hager

    Jake Hager: 3/3
    Out: 8/14 In: 8/30

    I also bought this 8x10 for $5 off ebay a couple days ago. I will always like David Carr even though he didn't work out with my Texans. The Texans screwed him up letting him get sacked that much in his first couple years.
    I also received these awesome softball cards in the mail from RockiesFan33. These cards look sweet and I can't wait to send them out!!!

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    Tonight I graphed the Burlington Bees after game 2 of their series vs. Clinton. I wanted to get everything signed I had for Burlington tonight so tomorrow I can get my last 2 photos signed by the Clinton players I need. The pharmacy my mom is a pharmacist for is having their annual Lumberkings get together tomorrow so I didn't want to have a ton of stuff tomorrow and embarrass my parents in front of her coworkers haha

    AJ Cole: 6/6, 5/5 cards, 1/1 8x10
    AJ was happy to sign for me tonight. He was charting tonight and when he came to the locker room after the game he told me he'd sign when he came back out and within 5 minutes he was back out and tonight he signed my 8x10 plus all 5 cards!! Unfortunately 2-3 of the cards smeared because he signed 1 then put it under the stack without thinking about his signature smearing but o well. I don't sell or trade and he was nice enough to sign several so it's not a big deal.

    Bobby Crocker: 3/3, 1/1 8x10, 2/2 4x6s
    He signed the 8x10 for me coming off the field and the 2 4x6s after he showered because I completely forgot about the 4x6s. He got called out on a pitch that was way inside in the top 8th and so I told him that was an interesting strike zone the ump had on your last at bat and he said yeah I wasn't too happy with it and smiled at me. When he signed my 4x6s I asked if I could get his batting gloves after tomorrow's game and he said he's running low but if he tears some he'll get them to me.

    Addison Russell: 2/2, 2 8x10s
    He is such a cool, laid back kid. There were 4 high school guys wanting his autograph too and he talked to them for a bit because 1 of them played for the US team (a lower level team).

    Chih Fang Pah: 1/1, 8x10
    Royce Consigli: 1/1, 8x10
    He also told me he'd sign for me when he came back out and he was true to his word. Very nice guy!

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    Farewell iowa

    Tonight is a bittersweet post for me. It is a post of lasts-my last TTM successes before moving to Minneapolis tomorrow, my last Midwest League autographs, and my last Lumberkings game :(

    First I shall start with my TTM successes:

    Danny Hultzen: 3/3, 3 8x10s
    Out: 8/20 In: 8/31

    JB Shuck: 4/4, 4 Bowman RCs
    Out: 8/20 In: 8/31

    And now a recap of my final Lumberkings game.
    I only had 8x10s for a couple players so I thought I would try to get all of my tickets that I had from the season signed by some of my favorites

    Kevin Rivers: 1/1
    Matt Brazis: 1/1
    Jordan Shipers: 1/1
    Dan Paolini: 1/1
    David Villasuso: 1/1
    Jabari Blash: 1/1

    Jabari Blash: Broken autographed bat
    As he was signing my ticket he told me he had a broken bat for me last night after asking him Wednesday. After he told me that I'm thinking I missed out on that! But then he asked me to watch his bats and glove on the ground while he ran back into the clubhouse. Out he comes with his broken bat and he gave it to me!! He told me if I had a silver marker he'd sign it. I didn't bring all my stuff so I didn't have it but another grapher loaned me his and I got it signed!!
    Andrew Lorraine: 1/1
    He is the Lumberkings pitching coach. I ordered this card off ebay 2 weeks ago and it finally came today! Just in time!!
    Guillermo Pimentel: 1/1
    Finally I got my last 8x10 signed by him after he avoided me so much. When I got to left field where the L'Kings enter the field he was sitting on a picnic table in the garden area beyond left field. He really didn't have an option to sign :)
    Patrick Brady: 1/1
    1 of the nicest guys on the team. He liked the picture
    John Taylor: 1/1
    So if you look closely in the middle of the signature you'll see the loop connects a little weird. That'd be because Villasuso signed my ticket on top of this photo and accidentally signed onto the photo. He said oops and felt bad but I told him don't worry about it. It was my fault and mistake putting that ticket on top of the photo and I didn't want him to feel bad. I gave the picture to John to sign and I said 1 of his teammates accidentally signed onto it and he looked at and he was like well let's see what I can do. It turned out great considering you can't really tell where the errant mark is. I think he could be a very solid late inning reliever in the Mariners' bullpen someday. It always seems submarine pitchers have an advantage since it's such a unique angle and eye level for hitters to adjust to.

    Well that is all for tonight. Tomorrow my mom and I, along with a full UHaul, depart for Minneapolis where I will be without internet until Wednesday September 5th. I am going to the Lynx-Sparks game Tuesday in hopes of meeting my all-time favorite basketball player Candace Parker. Hopefully Wednesday I'll be able to say I met her and got her autograph because she has a beautiful autograph!!! Take care everyone until I'm back Wednesday :)

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    That's a great haul for your last game! Good luck in MN!

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    You had a heck of a graphing season! Loved your commentary throughout the year, too. Have fun up nort der eh!
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone!!!! An amazing update to my thread is imminent :)

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