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Thread: CLRyan5's Success Thread

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    How cool is that??? :)

    Nice return! That's awesome that she had Hope sign it too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockiesFan33 View Post
    How cool is that??? :)

    Nice return! That's awesome that she had Hope sign it too!
    I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when I opened that envelope! Knew it was gonna be from coach Gallimore since it was postmarked from Seattle and I already got the UW softball coach

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    Quote Originally Posted by clryan5 View Post
    Today I received the best success I have ever had, one that will be almost impossible to top. I sent a custom card RockiesFan made me to legendary University of Washington women's soccer coach Lesle Gallimore. She is the coach responsible for turning Hope Solo into a goalkeeper, on her way to becoming the best goalkeeper in the history of the game. I wrote her a letter telling her what a big fan I am of her and what a big fan I am of Hope and everything she did for Hope. I told her I was going to mail this to Hope's agency next to hopefully get signed. Last week Hope Solo did a book signing at the University of Washington before a women's soccer game, so of course she met up with her coach. When I opened the envelope today my jaw literally hit the floor. Coach Gallimore got the card signed by Hope Solo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very nice get on this one! Sometimes things just seem to work out the right way ; )

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    What an awesome return! Congrats!
    I collect ttm/IP autos. Always willing to trade/sell cards to grow my autograph collection.
    I collect Jack Lambert, Too Tall Jones, Lebron James, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, Hofers
    I'm the proud owner of REED Authentics

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    Quote Originally Posted by size17shoes View Post
    What an awesome return! Congrats!

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    Happy Halloween everyone!!

    I got 2 returns today to close out October, both from the Arizona Fall League.

    Gary Daley: 4/4
    Out: 10/22 In: 10/31

    Robbie Erlin: 2/2
    Out: 10/22 In: 10/31

    I also got some more bobbleheads today. This was a Craigslist purchase from a collector in Houston

    2012 JR Richard

    Roger Clemens

    2008 Lance Berkman

    Roger Clemens/Nolan Ryan, unfortunately both of these bobbleheads broke at the legs while being shipped. I was able to glue them back together but the Nolan Ryan legs just would not line up :(

    2008 Series: 2/4 complete, I only need the Hunter Pence and Roy Oswalt bobbleheads to complete this set

    2012 Set: I just need the Mike Scott and Nolan Ryan bobbleheads to complete the set. I just won the Milo Hamilton bobblehead last night.

    Entire Astros bobblehead collection

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    Another TTM success trickled in today to kick off November. Not sure how much longer I'll be getting TTM returns. In a bit of a financial pinch so won't be able to send many out unfortunately

    Mike Foltynewicz: 1/1 2012 Topps Heritage Minors
    Out: 10/22 In: 11/1 c/o home
    Super pumped to get this return as he is a top prospect for my Astros. He had a phenomenal year with Class A Lexington and was named the Astros' 2012 Minor League Pitcher of the Year by the organization

    And a couple more bobbleheads in today. And yes this new obsession is the cause of my financial pinch :/

    Dustin Ackley

    Lance Berkman: Pretty much the coolest bobblehead I own. He was known as the "Big Puma" when he was an Astro

    And the entire collection

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    Could you please pm me the Foltynewicz address please?
    Trying to becomr an UFC supercollector. Any help would be appreciatedPhotobucket kahnefan-9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kahnefan9 View Post
    Could you please pm me the Foltynewicz address please?
    He included a note asking me not to share his home address but said he signed for me since I am an Astros fan. Sorry

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