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Thread: Chicago Bulls

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    Chicago Bulls

    Did the Bulls tonight. Pretty satisfied with what I got.

    Luol Deng - 2010-2011 Team Yearbook and pic with
    Ronnie Brewer - Game worn shoes and pic with
    Joakim Noah - 8x10 and pic with
    Derrick Rose - 8x10
    Carlos Boozer - 2010-2011 Team Yearbook
    C.J. Watson - 2010-2011 Team Yearbook and pic with
    Omer Asik - Pic with
    Brian Scalabrine - Pic with
    Taj Gibson - 8x10 and pic with
    Kyle Korver - 2010-2011 Team Yearbook and pic with
    John Lucas III - Pic with
    Stacey King - Pic with
    Chuck Swirsky and Bill Wennington - Pic with

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    Daaaaaaang I'm jealous. That's an amazing haul man.

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    Forgot to add Jimmy Butler 8x10 and pic with

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    getting there mate. will upload after i fly home tomorrow.

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    great haul. I've done the bulls several times and not done that well. I always do seem to get rose though...
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    Hey everyone im doing heat bulls march 4th never done nba and is rose a good signer and wheres the best spot to get away teams in miami

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