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Thread: Lizard-JD IP & TTM Requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by awz50 View Post
    Great job on Yadi! Cant wait to see all the other success.
    Thank you! Below is another one I got today...
    IP at RDS:

    Yadier Molina, signed a new and nicest 8x10 I have of his. Geeez, I couldn't even get him once last ST...

    Tyrell Jenkins, signed a Cards logo (I'll scan after I add more graphs). Has a very cool looking Camero.

    Justin Nicolino, signed 8x10 & took pictures with him.

    Jose Fernandez, signed 8x10 & took pictures with him.

    Rob Brantly, signed 8x10 & took pictures with him.

    TTMs so far this week:

    Failure, Joe Namath for 2nd time. Tried to mess with him this time by using his initials & it took a couple days longer for him to send back the RTS - LOL!!!!

    Dirk Nowitzki,
    signed a CIC. Probably the biggest sports name yet the best of the pro signers in sports (even quicker than Josh Hamilton!).

    Chad Hennings, the CFHOF signed 2 CICs.

    Bobby Boyd, signed 2 CICs, an IC & multi-player 8x10.

  2. Kronozio
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    All those 8x10s look killer! Love the Molina. Nice Nowitzki too. That's one of the better examples of his sig that I've seen TTM.

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    Love those Yadi's...let me know when u get too many...I'll help take some off your hands!

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    Love the first few 8x10s!
    My main collection goal right now is to get rid of all my unwanted low end cards in an attempt to downsize. If you want to help me with that, let me know! I'd like the cards to go to a good home such as charity, the younger generation of collectors, or aspiring team collectors that want to build their team PC.

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    Very nice early ST pick ups
    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    I sent out a few to ST already. Fingers crossed. Congrats on Yadi!
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    Always looking for cards/memorabilia to trade from:

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    Thank you for all the great comments about my IP "pre-Spring Training" successes!

    TTMs today:

    Calling it a Failure but... Marv Fleming, didn't sign my CICs, returned my $5, my SASE, in "his own" stamped hand written envelope & included a price list (wants $20!). However, on the IC he wrote the note below & signed it - very weird. Maybe the fact I mispelled (whoops!) his last name on the card? What would you call this?

    Dick LeBeau, signed 2 CICs & IC - great TTM'er.

    Billy Pierce, signed CIC, kept his & wrote me a TY for the extra CIC (signed the back).

    Bob Addis, signed 2 CICs - had a short MLB career.

    Kenny Sailors, (CBHOF) signed 2 CICs & 2 ICs. He is credited with inventing/popularizing the "jump shot" in basketball during his college career - he is now 91 years old.
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    That Lebeau custom is a thing of beauty...interesting return from Fleming. Maybe send him a handful of customs back telling him where you got the photo without sending any cash?
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    I sent to Fleming as well. I think he may not have signed the card b/c of the fee. I know when he signed my custom he asked for one and it only cost me 10 not 20.
    Guess his cost went up. Good luck if sending back,.

    I would say it was a semi success as you got his auto but not on the card so good but not what you wanted exactly.
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