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Thread: Autofreak2842's 2012 IP Thread

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    Here are the pics from yesterday....

    Kevin Love custom 8X10:

    Evan Kirk custom 8X10:

    (Updated) Custom team logo 8X10:
    Added: Anfrew Suitor (#20), Mitch Belisle (85), Jeff Gilbert (43) and Andrew Watt (22).

    The Love is a new design I am working on for my custom's let me know what you guys think. I personally like that better than the other design with the full page photo and text. Sorry I posted the links, either the site doesn't like me or I am doing it wrong, cause I can't get the photos to paste and what not on here. I try it everytime and it never works.

    Also, I decided to not post the Love card, Kirk ticket and the jersey cause the card and ticket aren't a big deal, imo. And I wouldn't be able to get every signature on the jersey at the time, in a picture, cause there is only 5 on there right now, but they are all spread out. When I get everyone I'll post a pic.
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    Went to the Timberwolves game tonight. I'd say it went pretty well. I got there a little before 6, when the gates opened to non season ticket holders. It took me an hour to get to Target Center, it was rediculous, Anyways, I went right down to the Tunnel. Here's what I got:

    Ricky Rubio 1/1 Custom 8X10 (Skipped a lot of people, I kind of had to run him down a bit, but I got him. It's a typical rushed sloppy signature, looks 50 times worse than the one I got from him in June. but I'm still happy with it)
    Malcolm Lee 1/1 Custom 8x10 (He was nice signed for me and a couple other dudes, talked with the few remaining fans for a bit. It's a custom with mostly white, but a decent amount of dark spots, wasn't sure where he'd sign so I gave him a silver and luckily it turned out decent.
    Anthony Randolph 1/1 Hat (He was nice, signed my Timberwolves hat, which also has Johnny Flynn, Anthony Tolliver and Lazar Hayward. Pretty quiet)

    Luke Ridnour 0/1 card (Signed, but only for the VIP's and season ticket holders cause they get in earlier)
    Brad Miller 0/1 card (I have no idea if he signed for STH's)
    Wes Johnson 0/1 Card (Same as Miller)

    Anyone not mentioned I had nothing special for and I have no clue if they signed before I got down there or not.

    Every time I do the Wolves it gets harder and harder to get autographs in arena, pre game. It's getting too busy. I know about other methods, but either don't have the time or transportation to do them. May have to result to building the rest of my NBA collection (If you call 3 non Wolves cards and 4 Woves cards a collection).

    I probably should never get Rubio before a game though. Lol He played awful tonight. Luckily Luke Ridnour and JJ Barea played good. Barea had 22 points and 5/6 3 pters, and I had him on my freaking bench for fantasy. Ugh. Lol Anyways it was a good game and a good graphing experience.

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    Here's pics from last night:

    Malcolm Lee:

    Ricky Rubio:

    And for comparison here is the Rubio I got in June:

    They barely even look similar. Ah well. Still nice to get. I should be getting a cool success later tonight.

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    So I'm spending the weekend at my friend's house and his younger brother, who is also a buddy of mine and I've known since he was born, is one of the top Lacrosse Players in the state, out of Sophomores. He goes to all the summer camps and top recruits camps, so he is probably going to get a D1 opportunity. The kid just eats breathes and sleeps Lacrosse. He made all of the elite teams in Minnesota last summer, and got his choice of the team to play on which many people don't get to do, and he is currently in two of the top winter leagues in MN. He is also on Varsity at his high school and was the top scorer on JV, last season, when he was still in Jr High.

    Anyways, he was around the house tonight, so I got him to sign 2 custom 8X10's.
    1 of his HS uniform (Burnsville High School) and one from his summer league team. I also am going to print him off a couple copies. So, recap:

    Nate Kopetzki 2/2 Custom 8X10's

    I will try to post pics when I get home on Monday. I may forget though. Lol

    May go to the Minnesota Gophers lacrosse game tomorrow, many Swarm players go, cause one of the players is the head coach. Not sure if I will be up early enough, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberer View Post
    cool stuff lately.

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    sweet a guy from my high school that is awesome. so this lacrosse guy goes to burnsville

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildfan4life View Post
    sweet a guy from my high school that is awesome. so this lacrosse guy goes to burnsville
    Yes, he does.

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    Well I finally got back to graphing. 2n day in Phoenix. After getting shut out at a spring training game yesterday (Cubs/Rangers; I didn't know any of the players, spots, etc.) I was starting to question my graphing abilities. I rebounded today with my best day since August and possibly best ever. Went to the West region Sweet 16 practices (Florida, Louisville, Marquette and Michigan St.)

    Way better than my practice(s) visit in MN in 06. Security was laid back, barely got out of their seats except at the end. Could sit where ever you wanted and move around. You were allowed to take pics (couldn't in MN) and it was a better setup for graphing, etc. than the Metrodome.

    Louisville was 1st and the only player I wanted was Peyton Siva, I got him. Rick Pitino went off the floor, out the tunnel on the other end of the floor, so I didn't get him.

    Next was Florida, I wanted the whole team, I got nobody except head coach Billy Donovan.

    Next was Michigan St. I got the two I wanted from them. Draymond Green and Tom Izzo, I got them.

    Next was Marquette, I got Jae Crowder (the only player I wanted). I didn't see head coach Buzz Williams.

    Then, the icing on the cake, while I was watching Marquette practicing, I spotted Reggie Miller. He's covering the regionals for TNT. I got him after Marquette was done, as he was leaving, on a West Regional program.

    Louisville Star Peyton Siva 1/1 Custom 8x10 (real cool, signed for me, said your welcome and said appreciate it, when I told him good luck tomorrow)
    Florida Head Coach Billy Donovan 1/1 custom 8X10 (was cool, signed for me and one other kid. really laid back)
    Draymond Green 1/1 custom 8X10(He signed for all the MSU fans there, that wanted him, probably a good 10-15 people. real cool, said he like my custom. It had two pictures on it and he signed both. Lol)
    Tom Izzo 1/1 Custom 8x10 (real cool, signed for everyone who asked and chatted with fans for a couple minutes)
    Reggie Miller 1/1 West Regional program (He was so cool, I was nervous cause he was a star and some of those guys can be kind of ehh, but he was nice, signed for me and another person and told me to have a good night)
    Marquette Star and Possible 2012 #1 pick, Jae Crowder 1/1 Custom 8X10 (He was so cool, he signed for me, thanked me when I said I thought he was gonna go #1 and told me to have a good night)

    Marquette coach Buzz Williams 0/1 Custom 8X10 (Never even saw him)
    Louisville coach Rick Pitino 0/1 Custom 8X10 (left through other tunnel)
    Florida Gators 0/1 team logo 8X10 (all came off at off the court at once, tried to find Beal who was my top priority, didn't see him, Boynton and Walker were on the other side of the tunnel. Saw Donovan coming and said F it then got him. lol)

    I also found a program from the March 18th Suns-Rockets game and I met Jae Crowder's mom and she said if I can find her at the game tomorrow, she is going to get me a pic with him either before or after the game.
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    The two West region Sweet 16 games were tonight. I didn't plan on doing much graphing (too many people), but I brought some stuff incase some situations arose. One of the greatest situations I have ever had arose.

    Michigan St./Louisville was game 1. I got there when the gates opened at 3:15 (PT). I was talking to the usher in my section (the staff at US Airways Center is so cool and nice) when he goes "Hey there's Magic Johnson". I was like No way! So I asked him if it would be ok if I went over to Magic's section to get a picture with him. He said "Yeah, but go around the concourse". So I got over there asked the other usher oif I could get a pic, he said sure. There was small group of people I had to wait behind, but I got up there and shook Magic's hand said hi and took the pic. He was so nice, he talked to me a bit, and was like "How's it going young man?" put his arm around me, took the pic and then I thanked him.

    As I was heading back to my section I remembered that I had an unsigned 8X10 custom of the MSU logo. I went back got that, the usher let me back down after it cleared out a bit and after ashort wait I got him to sign my custom! It was so cool!

    This is undoubtly the greatest success I have ever had. I will post all the pics of the autographs I get here after I get home on the 26th or 27th. I usually upload them mobile, but my phone has been acting up here.

    Magic Johnson 1/1 Custom 8X10 MSU logo and a pic with!

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