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Thread: Autofreak2842's 2012 IP Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowsuby03 View Post
    awesome stuff man!!!
    Thanks! It was just one of those nights where nothing went wrong. It probably won't be duplicated for awhile. Haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Tennelson55 View Post
    this may be the best thread of ttms ever.
    Haha Thanks! These are all in person though. My ttm successes aren't quite as good. And I don't have as many. Lol

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    Another great night at the Howard Pulley Pro City League. I got everyone that I wanted, that showed.

    I got there about 20 minutes early, not many people where there yet. After about 10 minutes Gophers players Chris Halvorsen, Julian Welch and Wally Ellenson arrived. I went over to their bench when they were getting ready and got Julian and Chris to sign my floorboard. Wally had disappeared. Former two time Big East player of the year and 1st round NBA draft pick Troy Bell was there when I arrived, but I decided to wait till after the game to get him.

    As the 1st game was about to start I noticed Gopher player Oto Osenieks come in and sit down court side. He was supposed to play today, but was unable to. During halftime of game one I went over and got him on my floorboard.

    Right before game one was about to end, I spotted Gopher walk on Kendal Shell, he went over and sat by Wally and them's bench while he waited for his game to start. I went over and got him. He was real cool, went down the roster asking if I got everyone. I sat next to him waiting for Wally's game to end. I asked him if he like playing in the HP summer league or if they just did it cause they had to. He said they like it, cause they get to go out, without coaches and just have fun, while playing basketball and working on fundamentals and stuff. He added that he liked that the fans got to interact with them and see a more personable side of them that they don't during the season. It was a cool little chat. I then got Wally when the game ended.

    After the game, Troy Bell went and sat on the bleachers behind the bench again. I walked over to him. He must of recognized me from the last game, cause he saw me and said "Hey what ya got for me?" I gave him the card I had and the sharpie. He signed it. While he was signing I said "I got three more on ebay, still coming, can you sign those too when I get them?" He replied "Oh yeah, anytime you see me, just give me what you got with you and I'll sign it" Hes a real cool guy. I then said thanks and told him good game. Then joked "The refs sucked though" and he replied "Horrible" and laughed.

    I then went home, not needing anyone else. I probably won't make it back till after the 4th of July break they have.

    Troy Bell 1/1 card
    Oto Osenieks 1/1 team floorboard
    Kendal Shell 1/1 team floorboard
    Chris Halvorsen 1/1 team floorboard
    Julian Welch 1/1 team floorboard
    Wally Ellenson 1/1 team floorboard
    Elliot Eliason 0/1 team floorboard (Didn't show)

    Floorboard update, angle 1.

    Floorboard update, angle two.

    Troy Bell card (roster underneath it lol).

    Close up of Bell card.

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    Went to the Lynx game this afternoon...Oh my. It's kind of sad how bad of a signing team they are considering it's the WNBA and you would imagine they'd be great signers.

    Anyways last year at every game I went to I got great LL seats when I got to the box office on the day of the game. Get there today and it was g "kids day" which meant of the 12,000 people there 11,500 were day care kids and their watcher people (not a joke/exhaggeration)

    They had two tix left in the LL so I snagged one. Went to my seat, then went over to the Lynx tunnel. Waited during warm ups, then was ignored by Lindsay Whalen, then ignored by candice wiggins. Then I got Monica Wright to sign a floorboard, then Seimone Augustus and Maya Moore signed it, too. Seimone and Monica signed just for me (no one else asked them) and Maya signed about 20 or so. Everyone else ignored or I didn't recognize. Could of got asst. coach and former NBA player Jim Petersen, but the card I had for him didn't come till around noon and I had already left.

    As for the game, it was rediculous and annoying. Literally 98% of the crowd was day cares and instead of cheering like normal human beings all the snot nosed brats screeched randomly through out the whole 1st quarter, which is how long I stayed. There was no atmosphere, besides the clueless undisplined craps screeching. No real cheering, music, etc. etc. I was pissed. Wish I had known in advance. I'm gonna complain on the Lynx's facebook page, but probably go back a couple times this year. Lol

    I've got the HP Pro City League again tonight. Gonna try to get the rest of my Bell cards signed and maybe get Lamont Mack on an 8X10 since he is on my Wolves summer league team. Haha

    Maya Moore 1/1 floorboard (very friendly)
    Monica Wright 1/1 floorboard (quiet)
    Seimone Augustus 1/1 floorboard (friendly)
    Lindsay Whalen 0/1 floorboard (ignored)
    Candace Wiggins 0/1 floorboard (ignored)
    That's all I'm listing, but no one else signed.

    Maya Moore (bottom; closest to logo on the left of it), Monica Wright (above Maya) and Seimone Augustus (Top right of Monica)
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    Finally made it back to the Howard Pulley Pro City League tonight. I had one goal tonight and I completed it (decided not to waste paper/ink on lamont mack, he was a no show anyways). My goal was to get my 3 remaining Troy Bell cards signed. Goal was achieved.

    I got there about 10 minutes before the first game was supposed to start, but cause of a lack of players it started late. I watched the game then in the 4th quarter Bell arrived (he was in game 2). He went behind the bleachers and I was sitting in the back of them, so I turned around and as he walked over I said "Hey Troy, what's up?" "He came over and said "Hey dude what's up?" and gave me a high five. I told him I had some cards for him to sign. So he sat down next to me and said "Hit me with what ya got" I had him sign my 3 remaining cards each in a different color. Lol As he was signing we talked a bit about his music career that he's getting started then when he finished signing I thanked him and gave him another of those half high 5's half hand shakes lol then told him good luck tonight.

    He scored about 17 points tonight, but his team lost. After the game I went over and told him good game and gave him one of those hand shake/half hug things haha then he said "see ya next time dude" and I said "For sure, cya." then left.

    Troy Bell 3/3 cards

    (turned out crappy in the pic, but looks alright in person)

    (My favorite of the three; pic turned out kind of ehh again)

    (Again it turned out crappy in the pic. My camera was acting up tonight)

    (All 3. If you couldn't tell, I have a slight obsession with the old Grizzlies logo lol)

    Hopefully I'll get back on Monday or Tuesday (if I'm lucky both!). Still don't know my work schedule yet though.I gotta get back soon though to work on my Mr.Basketball MN project (Joe coleman '11, Mitch Ohnstad '96 and Khalid El-Amin '97 have all been around as has Jordan Taylor '08. Forgot to print a photo for Coleman, tonight) and I wanna see Tyus play again and maybe get him on some customs and/or a ESPNHS Minnesota magazine.

    Going to this Iowa/Minnesota elite HS tourney on saturday. Hoping Tubby Smith and Fred Hoiberg will be there and I can get them to sign, but idk yet. Sunday morning I may go to the Wild's 2nd developmental camp scrimmage, then Wednesday I'm going to a Ben Revere signing in the town next to me.
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    Went to HP tonight, for what will probably be the last time before the playoffs, next week. Pretty good night. Went there hoping to get the 2 former Mr. Basketball Minnesota award winners, that were playing tonight.

    Khalid El-Amin was one of them and he played in the 1st game. Joe Coleman was the other and he played in the 2nd game. I got there 5 minutes before 7 and it was dead as heck. El-Amin ended up being late for the game, which made me nervous, but he eventually showed. Coleman showed up before the 1st game even started, with Gophers teammate Rodney Williams. Him and Rodney went and sat on the bench right away. I figured what the heck, might as well get him now, so I went over and got him to sign.

    He thought the pic was so sweet. He saw it and was like "Oh man, Ooo" He then showed it to Rodney and said "That's hot", then signed it. Him and Rodney went and sat on the bleachers one the 1st game started, they talked and joked with fans. I talked to Joe for a bit about when Midnight Madness is gonna be and the tourney in Atlantis that they are in.

    When the first game was going on I noticed Howard Pulley was having there last practice before they head to Georgia for the Nike EYBL Peach Jam tomorrow. I was bummed at first, cause I saw Tyus and had nothing for him to sign.

    After the first game ended I waited a couple minutes (didn't want sweat to get on the photo lol) and then went up to El-Amin and got him to sign. I asked him if I brought a card to the playoffs next week (assuming it's gotten here by then) would he sign it and he said "Ehhh..Yeah, I can do that for ya bud." I then thanked him and left.

    As I was leaving I walked right by Tyus Jones and I asked him if he knew where I could get the ESPNHS edition with him on the cover, but he didn't know, but suggested I check with the high school he goes to and with ESPN magazine company. I then talked to him for a couple minutes about how I'm moving to AV and will be right down the road from the HS and will be at a lot of games this year. Then told him he's a real fun player to watch. He thanked me and told me he'll see me around, then I left.

    Joe Coleman 1/1 custom 8X10
    Khalid El-Amin 1/1 custom 8X10

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    Just got back from a free Ben Revere signing. It was a complete disaster. I've been to many of the same type of signings at this place and have always gotten in and out within 15 minutes and have gotten multiples. Not this time.

    Goth there 15 minutes early thinking I'd still be on of the first 10 or so people. A line all around to the back of the mini mall. I still would make it though at this point. Then it started pouring and I was worried about my stuff getting damaged so I went back to the car, considered leaving, but the rain stopped quickly. I went and got back in line, but it had gotten longer. I decided to stick it out. After 55 minutes of waiting in line I got up to the front and as Ben picked up the sharpie to sign my card I think "Sh!t, I forgot to rub it down." Sure enough it turned out awful, so since I had gotten soaking wet and waited 55 minutes to get one flipping card signed and it turned out bad, I asked if he could sign my twins logo 8X10 quick, too and he was going to, until a fricken twins pro shop staff member said "no 1 per, so we can get everyone." There was 5 minutes left and over 50 people, so that was unrealistic.

    Anyways I am quite pissed at myself. This is a signing I'd just best forget. I doubt I'll even keep the card, might just toss it. Or give it to some little kid.

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    Went to HP tonight. Kind of a dissapointing night. Wanted to get Mitch Ohnstad for my Mr. Basketball collection and Khalid El-Amin on a card. Niether showed. Brought a custom 8X10 of Tyus Jones in case his team was playing tonight (for my Mr. Basketball collection, since he will win in 2014 ). His team didn't play tonight, but he was there with his little brother just watching. So I got him.

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    Had nothing planned except watching tonight for HP, until I woke up this morning and got a cool idea for dual custom 8X10s. I built off of the original idea throught the day making multiple ones. I made two to get signed tonight. I made one of 2012 Minnesota Mr.Basketball Siyani Chambers and Star Tyus Jones, the heading is "Minnesota's Finest". I got them both to sign it.

    They were both real cool again. Talked to Tyus again for a bit. I think this will be sweet if they both go pro. As of now Tyus looks like a sure thing and I think Siyani has the talent to be a 2nd round pick someday, but his size is why I won't say I even think he has a chance, right now. Let's see how he does at Harvard.

    The 2nd one I made was a "Dynamic Duos" one of Gophers players Rodney Williams and Joe Coleman. I got Rodney to sign it tonight, but Coleman didn't show. Rodney says he hurt his leg and that's why.

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    Last night I went to a local HS lacrosse star (and family friends house) He's one of the top Jr's in the state and is a captain at Burnsville as a Jr. I had Rockiesfan make some customs for me. There was 9, I gave him 4 for himself and had him sign the other 5 for me. I had him sign them then I hung out with him for a bit, before he went to practice for his summer team (Minnesota Loons Select) The 2nd best Elite team in MN (He could of played for the top team, but didn't like the coaches as much).

    Here they are:

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    Wow it's been awhile...Anyways I am spending the week at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas and well I have ran into a few surprises thus far. 1st was when I found out Nickeloden stars Miranda Cosgrove and Coco Jones are here for a concert on Friday, and have been here since Monday. I haven't ran into eith of them yet, but have and will continue to look. This morning though we went to the waterpark and we pick a spot to put our stuff after going down some water slides I went back to our stuff and my mom was sun tanning. She informs me that the group of people in front of us is a wedding for a hockey player that plays for the Boston Bruins, my mom then goes over and talks to the groom's mom. Turns out Milan Lucic got married here on Monday and had about a group of 60 people here, which is now down to about 30 or so. Anyways my mom kept talking and eventually we left, but Lucic's mom said that they'd be there all day and to come down again. I go get a pen, the camera and a thing of index cards I brought with, then go back. He was sitting there with his dad and brother and was more than willing to take a pic and sign for me. Unfortunately none of his teammates were around at the time although I had spotted Jordan Caron before I had my stuff.


    Milan Lucic 1/1 Index card; pic with

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