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Thread: WTTF: Reggie Miller

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    WTTF: Reggie Miller

    Looking to trade for any cards of Reggie Miller.

    I have a list of Millers I already have here:
    It's not completely finished, but it's close.

    Thanks and let me know what you have,


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    Hey I have many Reggie's but why don't you LMK which ones you need instead of listing the ones you have :D . No sarcasm added.

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    What is the difference? If it's not on the list, I need it.. Which Millers do you have?

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    The reason I said this was because I have many Reggie's and dont feel like going through all my cards to find them. But If you want me to I will. :)

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    i have his fleer rc and his 02-03 generations alltime authentics card

    i like your xpecations dwag auto


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    It's up to you. If you want to look through them, go for it. I would appreciate any you can find.

    I know I am at least interested in trading for your Bender Finals jersey. Is there anything you need from me? I don't have any Mavs or Spurs game used.

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    dajuan wagner:

    Is there anything else you need from me for the Miller jersey that books for around $15? The Miller is all I need from you.


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    The Tmac Names of Game jersey sounds like a winner to me :D. jk but if you want to trade it I will throw in some. Okay to keep you posted on my search so far I have found a 2001-2002 Topps Reggie Miller MVP Promotion card. It's expired I believe but I mean if your interested its on the table. Thanks lmk. BTW do you have AIM or any kind of messenger? LMK

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