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    Who Do You Collect? Wrestling Collector Rolodex

    This thread will serve to allow all members to post who and what they collect. Thread will be regularly updated in the first post so that all members can easily and quickly reference which superstars are collected by which members.

    Dolph Ziggler - geoffyb
    Eve Torres - palantri
    Rosa Mendes - palantri
    Stone Cold Steve Austin - maniacmike
    Rob Van Dam - maniacmike
    James Storm - maniacmike
    Daniel Bryan - Thrillseeker
    Rey Mysterio - bigben1031
    John Cena - Greengoblin782
    John Cena - Mavsfan
    Sheamus - Mavsfan
    The Miz - gladdyontherise
    Zack Ryder - gladdyontherise
    Shawn Michaels - gladdyontherise
    Daniel Bryan-Karter90
    Maria Kanellis-The Last Dragon
    Candice Michelle-The Last Dragon
    The Rock-The Last Dragon
    Hulk Hogan -The Last Dragon
    Tommy Dreamer- dreamerfan
    Raven - dreamerfan
    CM Punk-gambra
    CM Punk-MichiganMan
    Chris Benoit-MichiganMan
    The Rock-MichiganMan
    Kurt Angle-MichiganMan
    Rick Steiner-MichiganMan
    Scott Steiner-MichiganMan
    Sgt. Slaughter-MichiganMan
    Cody Rhodes-detroittigerfan76
    all diva/knockouts autos/relics -detroittigerfan76
    Mick Foley- Panda
    Owen Hart- Panda
    Christy Hemme- cinalexxx
    The Miz- cinalexxx
    Candice Michelle- cinalexxx
    Maria Kanellis- cinalexxx
    Undertaker- garykim10
    Alberto Del Rio- garykim10
    John Cena- TheWWE5788
    Randy Orton- TheWWE5788
    Christian- TheWWE5788
    Evan Bourne- TheWWE5788
    Shawn Michaels- YouthSuicideLives
    Ted Dibiase Jr.- snf_sportscollect
    Agelina Love-RtdRSuperstar
    Edge- RtdRSuperstar
    ODB- Will
    Christopher Daniels- impactwrestling
    Kurt Angle- gentlevader
    Undertaker- Echo7Bravo
    Jay Lethal- rishgoon
    Dave Batista- RyU
    Teddy Long-eric51
    Evan Bourne-thomasfanatic
    Triple H-thomasfanatic
    CM Punk-kosar19browns
    Cody Rhodes-kosar19browns
    Daniel Bryan-kosar19browns
    Dolph Ziggler-kosar19browns
    The Miz-kosar19browns
    Velvet Sky-schneiderrc34
    AJ Styles-impactwrestling
    Christopher Daniels-impactwrestling
    Mickie James-impactwrestling
    Velvet Sky-impactwrestling
    CM Punk-Eagles1fan7
    Dolph Ziggler-Eagles1fan7
    Cody Rhodes-Eagles1fan7
    Ted Dibiase Jr.-Eagles1fan7
    Alex Riley-Eagles1fan7
    Austin Aries-Eagles1fan7
    Jeff Jarrett-Eagles1fan7
    AJ Styles-Eagles1fan7
    James Storm-Eagles1fan7
    Shawn Michaels-Momolythe_Magnum
    Mickie James-Momolythe_Magnum
    Velvet Sky- sniper3
    Brooke Tessmacher- sniper3
    Tara- Sniper3
    Angelina Love- sniper3
    Mickie James- sniper3
    Taryn Terrel- sniper3
    Gail Kim- sniper3
    AJ Lee- mkov1226
    AJ Lee-- ryeine
    Bray Wyatt/Husky Harris-- Hardcore42187

    2010 Platinum Diva Parallels - palantri
    WCW Topps Autographs - geoffyb
    2009 Topps WWE - Greengoblin782
    2011 TNA Signature SIngle Autos-gambra
    2010 Topps WWE- cinalexxx
    TNA Signature Impact Red Autographs- cinalexxx
    2011 Topps WWE Superstar Swatches- garykim10
    2010 Topps WWE Platinum- TheWWE5788
    Wrestling All Stars- YouthSuicideLives
    WCW/NWO Autographs- YouthSuicideLives
    2011 Topps WWE Gold Parallel Set- 2am
    2011 Topps WWE Gold Parallel Set- eric51
    2006 WWE Chrome Xfractor Set- eric51
    2007 WWE Chrome Refractor Set-eric51
    WCW Auto Set-kosar19browns


    WWE- cinalexxx
    All wrestling cards- imthegrinch
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    Carey Price fan and collector!
    Hidden Content Hidden Content ! 236 Unique Cards + 13 1/1's!!!

    2017-18 Habs Collections: Carey Price, Shea Weber, Max Pacioretty, and Jonathan Drouin

    Canadian eBay/Kronozio Promotion for Hockey Collectors in September!

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    works for me-

    Eve Torres
    Rosa Mendes
    2010 Platinum Diva parallels
    Owner of Roundtablegaming

    Find me on Twitter @rtghobbies

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    John Cena


    WWE Topps 2009
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    John Cena
    Collecting WWE autos and relics! Vintage wrestling, Curt Hennig "Mr. Perfect", Roddy Pipper
    Phil. 4:13
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    Zack Ryder
    Shawn Michaels
    Click banner for tradelist
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    daniel bryan!
    The daniel bryan super collector! always looking for reds and printing plates!
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