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Thread: Blazzing Sadles DVD

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    Blazzing Sadles DVD

    I'm selling this for cardcash. only been watched once. would like to get rid of it for like 400cc. lmk

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    All I've got left is 204 CC. Would you do it for that? PLMK

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    never mind, I'm down to 104 now, and I doubt you'd take that.

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    lol was blazzing sadles about horse racing? I didn't realize it was a sports DVD

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    I know, I was just playing, it's one of the all time funniest movies if it didn't come on every two months I might be interested.

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    i almost have enough, email me if you want to work out something. I can throw in some cards or something

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    Ill go for 350CC if it is widescreen version
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