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Thread: 2012 baseball fanpack thread

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    I emailed a bunch of teams last week for magnetic schedules since I try to collect them as much as possible outside of the basic pocket schedules. I got a half dozen responses although the KC Royals just sent a pocket schedule. The Milwaukee Brewers sent one along with the typical fan pack stuff and an old USB Flash Drive with a 2010 media guide on it.

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    I was wondering where do you get the addresses or email addresses to send the Fan Pack requests to teams?

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    Where do you find the email addresses at?

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    Use the contact page at the bottom of the MLB site like the Mets email is usually I bet you could change it to any team and it would work just as well but I never verified it.

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    The Toronto Blue Jays do do fan packs; however, you must send them a SASE. Just received one back with some stickers and stuff-however, the Jays had covered over my stamps w/Canadian postage, so you may not even need stamps, just a letter. Received that fan pack about two weeks ago.

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