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Thread: 2012 NCAA fanpack thread

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    The real deal? Howd you get a Saban auto, I emailed them and his assistant was like sorry he doesnt sign ttm anymore due to all the requests but we will be selling some replica autos soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by indyreds View Post
    A program from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater 2007 Championship season signed by Coach Lance Leipold on his photo on page 9.

    One last envelope......
    Nick Saban autographed 8x10

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    BTW I was shot down last week by Ohio State, due to changes they no longer sign autos either by request, only requested Coach Meyer ( I think its Urban Meyer that created the new policy. Florida had a policy up when he was there about not signing stuff sent)

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    NCAA Clemson: Pretty much got a bunch of posters and schedules here, 2 or 3 large posters and one large schedule poster for every spring sport plus about 10 pocket schedules. Pretty decent fan pack that came in tube about 3 feet long and 3 to 4 inches across on the top with everything rolled up inside.
    Postage: $7.24

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    NCAA UCLA: Sent a letter to me explaining that they can't fill out any requests for "donations" from out of state due to volume of requests...kind of a dissapointment, but oh well

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    Here's all my NCAA fan packs so far for 2012, all were e-mailed.

    NCAA Iowa St: 2 football posters and football schedule cards

    NCAA Marquette: 3 sheets of perforated basketball cards, temporary tattoos

    NCAA Univ of Michigan: Big basketball poster, schedule cards

    NCAA Wisconsin: Schedule cards

    NCAA Purdue: 2 baseball posters, football poster

    NCAA Arkansas: 8 posters for various sports

    NCAA Penn State: Schedule Cards

    Pictures of fan packs are at my website

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    who are you guys emailing for the fan packs?

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    NCAA Minnesota Golden Gophers- Baseball T-shirt, Minnesota sunglasses, folder, patch, mascot poster- $3.68 postage

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    NCAA Tennessee: 1 large football poster, football pocket schedule

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    I got an awesome fan pack from the University of Arkansas

    2 - Arkansas Balance Bracelets
    1 - Pink mini promotional basketball
    1 - T-shirt
    1 - Logo ball cap
    1 - Uncut sheet of gymnastics trading cards
    1 - SGA Sunglasses
    1 - Arkansas koozie

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    Arkansas has had some really nice stuff from what ive seen and gotten in mine

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